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Leah: Our Matriarch of Prayer

Leah, the fourth and final matriarch of the Jewish Bible, is often referred to as the unexpected matriarch. Jacob discovered that Leah had become his wife the morning after they had...
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Rachel: Our Matriarch of Compassion

Rachel, always mentioned as the third matriarch of Israel, had much in common with her predecessors, Sarah and Rebekah. Discover the significance of Rachel's final resting place and of her defining characteristic — great compassion in this study of Israel's four great matriarchs.
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Rebekah: Our Matriarch of Strength

In this month's Limmud, we will study Rebekah's character and her life story as recorded in the Bible. We will discover why Rebekah was chosen to enter the family of Abraham, what we can learn from her, and what she contributed to Israel — and to us— as a lasting legacy.
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Sarah - Our Matriarch of Faith

In this month's Limmud, we begin with the first Matriarch, Sarah. It is my hope that as we deeply study Sarah – her character, her flaws, and her triumphs – you will be inspired and learn new lessons to integrate into your own life.
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Moses: Covenant with A Nation

In this final section of our study of covenants, we will explore the Mosaic Covenant, the covenant God made with the nation of Israel at Sinai and through which He gifted the world with the
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Abraham: Covenant with the People

In this month's , we will continue our study of God's covenants and explore the eternal covenant that God established with Abraham. We will learn why God chose Abraham, the significance of his unique relationship with God, and how this covenant relates to us today.
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Noah: A Covenant with Humanity

Our Limmud study this month focuses on the covenant between God and Noah, known as the Noahic Covenant --the very first time that word brit, covenant in Hebrew, appears in the Jewish Bible.
Moses presents the Ten Commandments to the people.

The Covenant: God's Eternal Contract

In this month's Limmud study, we will explore a topic that is foundational for both the Jewish and Christian faiths: the covenant, or in Hebrew. In what was a revolutionary idea at the time, the Bible teaches that God chose and initiated a covenantal relationship with us!
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Shulchan: Gathering Around the Table

In this month's study, we will discover how the shulchan, the simple table, can be a place for fellowship, blessing, and holiness.
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Aveilut: A Time to Mourn

In our toughest moments, we are never forsaken. God is with us every step of the way — in life, in loss, and in mourning. This study deals with a topic most of us avoid, yet each of us will confront at some point — the death of a loved one.
Psalm 78:19-20

Miracles: God's Signs and Wonders

Miracles and faith go hand-in-hand. Miracles inspire faith, and faith inspires miracles. However, there is another side to miracles equally as important. Explore Jewish and Christian teachings on the nature of miracles and just how natural miracles truly are.
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Prophecy: God's Word on the End of Days

Learn what Judaism teaches about the End Times, or End of Days. In this study, explore prophecies and teachings regarding this important time in history from both a Jewish and Christian perspective.

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