Trapped in Dangerous Heat

In Israel, dangerous summer heat threatens the lives of the elderly, especially those who cannot afford basic essentials. Right now, you can take part in God’s promise to “bless those who bless [Israel]” and help provide emergency summer assistance to an elderly Jewish person in grave danger. Your gift of $55 will provide a month of food, medicine, and urgent summer relief. Any gift, big or small, could be the difference between life and death for a vulnerable person in the Holy Land.

Trapped in Dangerous Heat

"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." Isaiah 40:1

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Renew Our Days

During the Three Weeks, a time of sorrow and mourning for the Jewish people, we remember that we can never make peace with a broken world and that only God can bring true healing.

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When God Chose the Jewish People

Grafted INsights, a series of Christian reflections from Fellowship friends, is proud to feature this column by Dr. David Jeremiah, one of the world’s preeminent Christian leaders.

The Lives You Impact

Summer Heat In The Holy Land

The Fellowship is committed to doing God’s work, responding to emergency needs like hydration and increased medical care during these sweltering months, to ensure the widows and elderly Jews we serve together can survive another summer.

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Orthodox Female Students Develop Wireless Oxygen Monitor

This year, at the annual Jerusalem College of Technology’s hackathon, the winning team developed a wireless oxygen monitor for infants.

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Celebrating Our Shared Freedom!

As America celebrates its Independence Day this month, show your support for the strong bond between Israel and the U.S. and request your FREE US-Israel Flag pin today. Wear it proudly as a symbol of our shared beliefs and your unwavering support for Israel and her people.

Be a Godsend

Give monthly and be a godsend to precious Jewish souls who cannot care for themselves all year long.

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