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Hanukkah: Celebrating Light, Life, and Miracles in the Midst of War

After visiting one of the kibbutzim where unimaginable terror took place on October 7, Yael reminds us that God turns our darkness into light, even during wartime.
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Equipping Israel’s First Responders

The Fellowship is on the ground providing protective equipment to those on emergency standby teams in the Judea and Samaria region of Israel.
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Hostages’ Families and Troops Light Menorahs

Many in Israel light the menorah, all while they wait for the return of loved ones still held hostage in Gaza and as the IDF bravely defends Israel.
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Hamas Is a Plague

Bishop Lanier tells us how “there is a responsibility for those of us who remain to look and listen,” talking about the attacks on October 7.
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Be a Hero of the Holy Land

Become a Hero of the Holy Land by pledging to pray for Israel and her people. Show your unwavering support and stand for the Jewish people today.

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Fighting Hamas Together

A new olim family says they believe all of Israel will "come out of this as a stronger and more united people."
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Nourish Your Biblical Roots podcast promo featuring Yael Eckstein and Rachel Goldberg.

The Mother of an Israeli Hostage: Heartbreak and Hope in the Holy Land

On today’s podcast, Yael brings us a difficult but necessary conversation, as she welcomes Rachel Goldberg, a Jewish mother in Israel whose son, 23-year-old Hersh, was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists during their attacks on October 7.

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