She Needs Your Help to Survive

For elderly Jews like Maria, the harsh winter months threaten their survival. Will you be the hands and feet of God and bless Jews like Maria with heating provisions, food, and medicine? Your gift will be the difference between life and death for elderly and isolated Holocaust survivors. Please give a holy gift today to help elderly Jews survive this winter.

Elderly Jewish woman with green scarf on head

"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." Isaiah 40:1

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Remembering Holocaust with view from gates of Kaufering, Dachau concentration camp

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Remembering a Dark Past, Ensuring a Bright Future

As we remember the victims of the Holocaust, let us find comfort in knowing that the Jewish people have faithful friends today, and knowing that as God’s people return to their biblical homeland, prophecy is being fulfilled.

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The Difference You Made in 2020

The Difference You Made in 2020

Did you know that you are part of The Fellowship’s story? Bishop Paul Lanier, The Fellowship’s Chairman of the Board, tells us why your support in 2020 mattered.

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Nina, Holocaust survivor whose family was killed at Babi Yar Massacre

‘It’s Too Much’

Nina lost her entire family at Babi Yar. And the decades since haven't been easy for this Holocaust survivor… until Fellowship friends showed her love.

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Yael Eckstein with Hanukkah menorah, Winter 2020

Hanukkah in the Year of COVID

As Jewish people around the world began a very different Hanukkah in 2020, Yael Eckstein shared a message of hope on Fox News.

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On the Frontlines of Faith

On the Frontlines of Faith

Our 24-page booklet on the lessons of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism will help bring understanding to the horrific realities of genocide and encourage you to stand with Israel and her people. Download your complimentary copy now.
an elderly Israeli woman with hand on face who needs your support

Be a Godsend

Give monthly and be a godsend to precious Jewish souls who cannot care for themselves all year long.

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