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Thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors live in poverty and urgently need our help. Your best gift today will provide lifesaving aid for a forgotten soul like Alexandra, all alone in the far reaches of the former Soviet Union. Your sacrificial gift will be immediately used to help deliver food, medicine, and essentials to a Jewish person in desperate need.

Elderly woman with glasses sitting in bedroom

"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." Isaiah 40:1

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Yael Eckstein spends time with faith and family on beach

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

The Calm in the Eye of Life’s Storms

Faith is the foundation of our lives, one of God’s greatest gifts that helps us focus more on the things that matter most.

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Christian Perspectives

Bishop Lanier, Pastor praying at Tomb of the Patriarchs

Why a Christian Pastor Blesses the Jewish People

Bishop Paul Lanier explains why Christians blessing the Jewish people is so important.

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Paulina, Holocaust survivor who says Fellowship are her angels

Angels for Paulina

After a lifetime of hardship that began as her family fled the Nazis during the Holocaust, Paulina has Fellowship friends who haven't forgotten her.

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10 Boardwalks and Beach Hikes in Israel

10 Boardwalks and Beach Hikes in Israel

You can hike along Israel's coast and discover the beautiful beaches and ancient sites.

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Jerusalem: God’s Eternal City

Jerusalem: God’s Eternal City

Jerusalem has been called the “eye of the universe” and “the soul of the Land of Israel.” Discover the historical and biblical significance of Jerusalem in our complimentary 3-Part in-depth Bible study, Jerusalem: God’s Eternal City.
an elderly Israeli woman with hand on face who needs your support

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Give monthly and be a godsend to precious Jewish souls who cannot care for themselves all year long.

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