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The people of Israel are in peril, once again facing anti-Semitic hatred and violence from enemies vowed to her destruction. The Fellowship is on the ground NOW helping those in harm’s way and meeting desperate needs like bomb shelters and other security necessities for vulnerable Jews and displaced Israelis with nowhere to turn. Your gift today will save lives and provide emergency essentials needed right now.

IDF officers standing outside of building damaged by missile fire

Israel Under Fire! Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Rocket barrage on southern Israel, May 18, 2021

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Two Dead, Several Injured in Hamas Barrage on Southern Israel

As Hamas' bombardment of the Holy Land continues, a furious barrage near the Gaza border has claimed two more lives and injured many more.

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Our Latest Emergency Aid for Rocket-Torn Israel

As the conflict continues into its second week, The Fellowship is delivering emergency aid to the most vulnerable in the Holy Land.

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 Israel Red Alert

Israel Red Alert

Your gift today of $45 will help save lives and provide emergency essentials needed right now in the Holy Land.


A Border Town Under Fire

A Border Town Under Fire

A very special place in the Holy Land that’s located near the Gaza border hasn’t been forgotten by its Fellowship friends around the world.

Holy Land Reflections

In Times of Conflict, Look for the Helpers

In Times of Conflict, Look for the Helpers

Yael tells how during a week of conflict The Fellowship is on the ground in Israel, to provide help and hope for God’s neediest people.

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Shavuot – Teaching Our Children Gratitude

Shavuot – Teaching Our Children Gratitude

Learn the importance of teaching our children to be grateful with our complimentary downloadable chapter on gratitude from Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein’s book, Generation to Generation. 
Join Yael Eckstein for an Emergency Fellowship Family Meeting

Israel Under Fire!

Yael Eckstein, President and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, will be LIVE on the call with the latest updates from Israel, details on how The Fellowship is providing aid to those in danger, and answers your important questions. Please join us as we gather together by phone for this urgent family meeting.

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