Making Aliyah

We help fulfill biblical prophecy by bringing the Jewish people home “from the four quarters of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12) through aliyah (immigration to Israel), and provide them with klitah (resettlement) assistance when they arrive, giving them the tools they need to be full, productive citizens in their new home.

Family at Passover

Project Spotlight: Aliyah

The Fellowship  |  May 8, 2024
Even in the middle of a war on Israel, The Fellowship continues to bring new olim (immigrants) home to Israel.
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Amid War, Jews Are Making Aliyah

Stand for Israel  |  December 22, 2023
With worries over rising anti-Semitism across the globe, many Jewish people are choosing to make aliyah.
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Fighting Hamas Together

The Fellowship  |  November 28, 2023
A new olim family says they believe all of Israel will "come out of this as a stronger and more united people."
An olim (immigrant) child makes his way through the waters in Israel, 1949.

Photo Friday: Through the Mighty Waters

Stand for Israel  |  September 7, 2023
An olim (immigrant) child makes his way through flood waters, and into a new life, in Israel in 1949.
Holocaust survivor receives food from The Fellowship. Sderot, Israel.

You Mean the World to Her

The Fellowship  |  August 21, 2023
Despite a life of hardship, this Holocaust survivor has faith because of the love and care of Fellowship friends around the world.
Young girl wearing a pink backpack.

Project Spotlight: School Supplies for Children in Need in the Holy Land

The Fellowship  |  August 8, 2023
This school year, we are helping children in the Holy Land start the new school year off right—by delivering Fellowship backpacks and school supplies to families in need!

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