Daily Devotionals

A group of people holding the Israeli flag over their heads

Liberty for All

May 29, 2024
A society in which some people are free while others are not cannot be called a free society. Freedom is only truly experienced when all are free.
Families departing plane making Aliyah

Freedom to Start Over

May 28, 2024
By wiping away our guilt, God gives us a chance to let go of the mistakes of the past and truly start over. This is true freedom.
Close up image of a wheat field with hills and a cloudy blue sky behind it. God's dominion

God’s Dominion

May 27, 2024
The Bible calls the seventh day “a sabbath to the LORD your God” because it’s more than a day of rest. It’s a time to acknowledge God’s dominion.
Ethiopian woman crying into a man's arms after just having completed aliyah.

God Sees Our Pain

May 26, 2024
Our trials in life—be they large or small, through fire or water—have a purpose. God sees our pain, and our suffering is not in vain.
Yad BYad Passover food box packing by volunteers.

We Have No Excuse

May 24, 2024
When we act against persecution, God will repay us for everything we do to support those who are suffering.
Yael giving dignity and fellowship to an elderly Jewish woman

Giving Dignity

May 23, 2024
Giving anonymously or to people who you will never meet allows you to fill someone’s stomach without depleting their dignity.
Yael standing with a child in front of a an Aliyah flight holding an Israeli flag

This Is the Day!

May 22, 2024
Every day is a chance to be kind and bring more joy to the world. Every day is a day that we will never have back. We must cherish and enjoy it.
Full image of a brown cow looking directly at the camera, with two black cows to the left of it.

God’s Desire

May 21, 2024
God's desire to give is even more than our desire to receive. He will always give us exactly what we need to be our very best.
Jewish refugee child from flight from Ukraine to Israel, March 6, 2022

Who We Are and Whose We Are

May 20, 2024
As children of God, it's important that we know who we are and whose we are, but we must also behave accordingly.
Judean desert

Blessed by Drought

May 19, 2024
Once we come close to God, we can break through life's droughts and He will shower us with an abundance of rain and blessings.
Women in a black shirt kissing her daughter on the cheek.

Between Dreams and Reality

May 17, 2024
When we embrace changes in our plans and use what God gives us, we find happiness in the balance between our dreams and reality.
Yael Eckstein smiling & holding elderly disabled woman named Lydia

The Beauty of the Aged

May 16, 2024
We are commanded to bring beauty to the faces of the elderly, to light them up with a smile, to “make them beautiful.”

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