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When God’s Answer Is No

October 19, 2021
Many people have a crisis of faith when God’s answer is “no.” They wonder, “Is God listening?”
Abraham greets three strangers

Actions Should Speak Louder than Words

October 18, 2021
All too often people just use words as a substitute for actually doing what they need to do. In truth, actions should speak louder than words.

Hold Onto Our Faith

October 17, 2021
The psalmist in Psalm 84 beckons us to hold onto our faith, though it appears that God’s promise may take time to be fulfilled.

Welcome and Be Open to Rebuke

October 15, 2021
If we really want to improve and continue to grow, we should welcome and be open to rebuke, not feel bad about it.

Inspired by the Stars of the Past

October 14, 2021
Even though they lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, we are still inspired by the “stars” of the past, whose lights are still shining so many generations later.

The Dust of the Earth

October 13, 2021
On the other hand, the dust of the earth is also the soil in which things grow; it is the most necessary source of life.
tzedakah box

‘You SHALL Be a Blessing’

October 12, 2021
When God told Abraham heyeh beracha — “you shall be a blessing” — He wasn’t telling him that he will bless other others. God’s mission for Abram was that he must become a blessing.

Our Journey of Faith

October 11, 2021
The journey of faith is a search for who we really are. And if we follow the voice of God, like Abram, we will reach “the land that I will show you.”
Levites leading worship

When the Odds Are Stacked Against Us

October 10, 2021
The story of Jehoshaphat and this amazing victory teaches us that even when the odds are stacked against us, with God, we can beat the odds and overcome our challenges.
Yael Eckstein embracing elderly woman with food box

Honor God by Honoring His Image

October 8, 2021
When there is tragedy and need, the image of God is suffering. God suffers, too. But we can honor God by honoring His image.
Tower of Babel

Making a Unique Contribution

October 7, 2021
Each of us has a unique soul, created in the image of God. God wants us to make our unique contribution to the world.
Elderly Holocaust survivor tattoo on arm

A Reminder to ‘Choose to Be Good’

October 6, 2021
Rainbows are a sign of God’s promise, His grace, and His love. And a reminder to us that “we must choose to be good.”

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