Daily Devotionals

Yael smiling and embracing her family during Passover.

Guided by Wisdom

March 31, 2023
For the home to be an effective place for transmitting the teachings of Jewish tradition, parenting must be intentional. It must be guided by wisdom.
Young boy at the Western Wall praying.

True Wisdom Is Recognizing God

March 30, 2023
Solomon, the wisest of all men, taught us that true wisdom is recognizing God in everything — including food, drink, and even the satisfaction we feel in our day-to-day work.
Yael with elderly woman in Ukraine

A Heart of Wisdom

March 29, 2023
All too often we cling to material things that have no eternal value. We must have “a heart of wisdom” to understand what really matters.
teenage boy studying Torah with elderly man

Rooted in Wisdom

March 28, 2023
Defending Israel is rooted in wisdom and aligning ourselves with the Will of God.
Yael Eckstein teaches her son the power of asking questions

Grounded in Love

March 27, 2023
Wise leadership, whether at work, at home, or in a classroom, is grounded in love, which means being sensitive to those we are privileged to lead.
light streaming in clouds

The Greatness of God

March 26, 2023
The greatness of our God is that He can show concern for each and every one of us at all times. He does not have limited attention like we do.
Man with wedding ring praying with his hands to his mouth

The Wisdom to Decide

March 24, 2023
If we frame our decision by first asking ourselves what is most in line with the will of God, we have reason to avoid deciding. God will grant us the wisdom to decide and choose the right course.

Thirsty for Wise Advice

March 23, 2023
We must be “thirsty” for wise advice. We should seek it before making any important decision.
Yael joyfully smiling with elderly woman holding a food box

God’s Investment Is Wisdom

March 22, 2023
God’s investment is wisdom. The Jewish sages explain that God places in each and every human being a unique kind of wisdom — a talent or ability, a gift.
People praying in the streets to the Western Wall in Jerusalem during Yom Kippur

Balancing Tradition and Vision

March 21, 2023
We know we’ve struck the right balance between tradition and vision when we listen to God and when He is with us.
Fellowship volunteer hugging elderly woman

Humility Leads to Wisdom

March 20, 2023
As in water a face reflects the face,    So the heart of a person reflects the perso
Yael smiling and embracing her family during Passover.

God’s Secret Weapon

March 19, 2023
The real strength of faith is that it is achievable by all. And often, the smallest children have the purest faith. That is God’s secret weapon.

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