Daily Devotionals

Olim family eating dinner around round table

A Continual Feast

July 19, 2024
If we thank God for what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have, life becomes “a continual feast” and celebration of His blessings.
Psalm 78:19-20

God’s Hidden Miracles

July 18, 2024
We are all the recipients of hidden miracles from God. Some we may later recognize, and others, we will never know about.
Jewish woman crying tears of relief after being rescued from anti-Semitism

Learning from Our Mistakes

July 17, 2024
We don’t have to be perfect to be great—we just need to learn from our mistakes and keep trying.
Elderly man being grateful

How Blessed We Are

July 16, 2024
If we focus on what we lack, we won’t notice how blessed we are. Look for the good in life, recognize our blessings, and express gratitude.
Elderly beneficiary and Yael hold hands.

God Understands

July 15, 2024
We all will go through things in life that we simply can’t understand. But God does, and that’s all that matters.
Road with a rainbow

Our Spiritual Perspective

July 14, 2024
If you find yourself frustrated, S-T-O-P:  Stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath. Observe the true reality and change your Perspective.
Yael Eckstein kneels in front of and holds hands of elderly woman wearing multiple layers of clothing and yellow scarf on her head,

Pursue Righteousness

July 12, 2024
God loves those who not only pursue righteousness themselves, but who encourage others to pursue righteousness as well.
Close up image of one and five dollar bills.

The Value of Our Good Deeds

July 11, 2024
In the end, all possessions are meaningless; only our good deeds have true value and will be with us forever.
People attend a protest against the judicial overhaul in Tel Aviv

The Power to Impact the World

July 10, 2024
How will we influence the world today? Every day, we can choose to bring light and healing, love and restoration.
Pharaoh Cobra Headdress | Be a Staff, Not a Snake, Exodus 7:9

Our God-Given Role

July 9, 2024
We must treasure our God-given role and know it is important to Him, and we shouldn’t be jealous of someone else’s job in the world.
emergency hospital equipment COVID-19

Our Important Jobs

July 8, 2024
We can quietly and humbly support our loved ones and help them to become all that they can. Those are the most important jobs!
Man with praying hands on son

What Truly Matters

July 7, 2024
Love all of God’s children. Love and cherish every single child. That is what matters most to us—and to God.