Daily Devotionals

Father and daughter hugging while sitting on the sidewalk.

Love Covers Wrong

February 23, 2024
There are times we may witness a person making a mistake in a moment of weakness. Do we cover that person's humiliation by keeping quiet?
Sabbath meal on the table with the challah bread.

Our Sacred Table

February 22, 2024
Our tables are sacred. They are a powerful vehicle through which we can spread God’s light and receive His blessings.
Children praying at Western Wall, showing a firm foundation of faith

God’s Word Guides Us

February 21, 2024
The Bible is eternally relevant and always applicable to our lives. God’s Word is what guides us and sustains us in our own lives today.
A golden ark of the covenant with two eagles on it.

Broken Without God

February 20, 2024
We need to be humble, to recognize that we are broken and incomplete without God, in order to receive His Word.
Yael Eckstein holds hand of Yuliana, an elderly Holocaust survivor from Ukraine

Giving to God

February 19, 2024
When we give to God’s purposes, we aren’t really giving at all. Rather, when we give to God, we become the benefactors of our actions.
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews logo

Never Give Up on God

February 18, 2024
Never give up on God’s salvation. Even when it seems that time has run out and we are out of options, God can still save us.
Yael with elderly Jewish woman, Lydia

The Good in Others

February 16, 2024
When we see the good in a person and treat them as smart, capable individuals, our advice is well received.
IFCJ volunteer in a flak jacket hugging a recipient.

The Pain of His People

February 15, 2024
When the verse tells us that God’s feet were resting on the pavement, it means that God felt the pain of His people. He knew their suffering.
Sunrise over Sea of Galilee shows there is a God in Zion

Redemption 'Little by Little'

February 14, 2024
Redemption, like the sunrise, doesn’t happen all at once; it is a process that takes time, little by little.
Woman sitting on the ground holding her knees and crying.

Holy People

February 13, 2024
When God gave us His Word, He desired human holiness, with all of our imperfections, not the holiness of angels.
close up of a doctor's hands holding stethoscope

Healing Comes from God

February 12, 2024
While Judaism encourages going to doctors and taking medicine, we are required to recognize that God is the source of all healing.
People at the Western Wall while the sun is setting.

History Repeats Itself

February 11, 2024
History does not have to repeat itself any longer. The cycle of history can be broken, and I believe that the time to end it is now.

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