Daily Devotionals

The Spirit of God Within Us

December 1, 2021
it was the ru’ach Elohim, the spirit of God in Joseph that translated Pharaoh’s cryptic dreams into a practical plan of action.

Having God's Name on Our Lips

November 30, 2021
Having God’s name on our lips in our everyday conversation reminds us of His presence in every moment of life. It’s a great habit to get into!

God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams

November 29, 2021
I believe that the reason that God speaks to us in our dreams, which are typically confusing and nonsensical, is to make us search for answers.

Moments That Will Last Forever

November 28, 2021
What is the focus of your life? Is it the work that will vanish when we are gone or is it the good works that results in moments that will last forever?

The Power of a Positive Attitude

November 26, 2021
The power of a positive attitude, Ru’ach ish, can help sustain life even in the most difficult circumstances.

Only One God and Two Worlds

November 25, 2021
Every day we are faced with challenges between our faith and popular culture. Like Rabbi Schneersohn and like Joseph before him, we must always remember that there is one God and two worlds, this earthly world and the heavenly world to come.
Yael Eckstein with IDF soldier who are protecting Israel and her people

Righteous Leadership

November 24, 2021
Judah showed a remarkable display of humility and accountability — righteous leadership — that would merit him becoming the patriarch of royalty.

Learn to Judge the Whole Person

November 23, 2021
We must learn to judge the whole person favorably because we don’t always see the full picture of who they really are.

Fulfilling God’s Plan

November 22, 2021
You have free will, but the chess master’s plan will win in the end. And quite often, God uses us for fulfilling His plan — whether we know it or not.
Yael visiting recipient girl. Download our complimentary study on David and the Psalms for how Israel's greatest king expressed his deepest emotions to God through his words of thanksgiving, confession, petition, and praise.

The World Is Built on Kindness

November 21, 2021
People are built with kindness and that is what it means when our sages teach that the world is built on kindness. We are the world, and we would be nothing without the love and giving of those around us.

True Honor Is in the Eyes of God

November 19, 2021
When we do good things, it’s natural to want some recognition. But we must always realize that the true honor we seek is in the eyes of God.
Yael Eckstein praying at Western Wall

Looking Back and Thanking God

November 18, 2021
Much of our prayer lives focus on what we need in the present or in the future. Here Jacob teaches us the value of looking back and thanking God for the prayers He has answered in the past.

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