Daily Devotionals

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The Power to Transform Lives

August 4, 2023
It is easy to say the repetitive words by rote, forgetting that prayer gives us the power to transform every moment of our lives into a holy experience.
Woman crying at Western Wall.

Invite God into Our Pain

August 3, 2023
When we are in pain, we are in pain completely. That is when we need to invite God into our pain.
Crowd standing around the Western Wall

God Wants Our Prayers

August 2, 2023
God wants our prayers because He wants us to be the best versions of ourselves.
Little boys sitting around a table being read to

Getting Our Attention

August 1, 2023
Sometimes, when it feels like everything we do is failing, it’s because God is trying to get our attention and steer us in another direction—one that leads back to Him.
Group of men sitting on a floor while reading a book.

Prisoners of Hope

July 31, 2023
We are prisoners of hope, captive to our faith, confined by our trust in God. What a beautiful word picture to instill in our children!
Yael Eckstein praying at Western Wall, illustrating The Three Weeks

Never Lose Hope

July 30, 2023
Friends, never lose hope, even when your first hopes have been dashed. Hope, and hope again. Strengthen your heart and dare to believe.
dawn of a new day

The Greatest Light

July 28, 2023
Just as it takes the darkest skies to see the brightest stars, it is on this black day that we can experience the greatest light.
Elderly Jewish people in Ukraine

Always Room for Hope

July 27, 2023
Seared into my soul is the notion that no matter how hopeless a situation looks, there is always room for hope.
Ukrainian olim, refugee, war-torn Ukraine

Teach Our Children Hope

July 26, 2023
Yet this I call to mind    and therefore I have hope:Because of the LORD’s great l
Teenage boy sitting on a wooden bench flipping through a small book.

Make Room for God

July 25, 2023
When we make room for God, we make Him part of our life, and we also gain the ability to share our beauty and potential with the world.
Yael with arm around elderly woman

A Display of Love

July 24, 2023
He gave two carts and four oxen to the Gershonites, as their work required and he gave four carts a
light streaming in clouds

God Is Our Ultimate GPS

July 23, 2023
We can certainly enjoy these helpful tools, but we must never forget that God is our ultimate GPS—Guide, Protector, and Savior.

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