Our Programs

Young boy and girl sit on a ragged mattress

Providing Security

Saving Jewish lives by providing support, ongoing safety measures, and emergency preparedness to first responders, hospitals, synagogues, and other Jewish institutions.

Elderly woman sits on the edge of her bed holding her walking cane

Alleviating Poverty

Delivering on-the-ground, lifesaving care, food, and support to help impoverished Jews and Holocaust survivors; filling basic needs and providing companionship.

Yael Eckstein holds a young boy as she walks down the stairs of an airplane.

Making Aliyah

Fulfilling biblical prophecy by helping Jews make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and supporting them before and after their arrival in the Holy Land.

Group of people stand underneath a large Israeli flag

Supporting Fellowship

Building bridges between people of faith through educational resources that teach Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith and apply biblical principles to everyday life.