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Israeli security forces at the scene of a drone explosion in Tel Aviv on July 19, 2024.

Yemen Drone Attack Strikes Tel Aviv

Stand for Israel  |  July 19, 2024
One person was killed and as many as 10 left wounded after a Houthi-claimed drone attack hit Tel Aviv.
Israeli soldiers seen on the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip on April 7, 2024.

Netanyahu: Fighting Hamas ‘Does Not Delay the Deal—It Advances It’

Stand for Israel  |  July 18, 2024
During a recent visit with the troops in Gaza, PM Netanyahu said the operations in Gaza against Hamas will help move forward a hostage deal.
Bishop Paul Lanier speaking with Lieutenant Colonel Yossi Tubur near Kibbutz Magen.

Faces of Iron: Yossi

Stand for Israel  |  July 17, 2024
One of the brave security officers who ran toward danger and saved lives on October 7th is Yossi, truly one of Israel’s Faces of Iron. When Hamas overran the area, Yossi jumped into action, heading out to the road and taking the fight to the terrorists. When Yossi was hit by a terrorist bullet, the flak jacket he wore from The Fellowship miraculously stopped the bullet, saving his life. Yossi thanks you for providing the support and strength that saved him and so many others from the Hamas attacks. “Every vest that you give saves a life.”
Tamar, survivor of terror attack on October 7, 2023.

Faces of Iron: Tamar

Stand for Israel  |  July 17, 2024
“Ever since I can remember, I have believed in God.” This is how 83-year-old Tamar begins her story of survival on October 7th. Trapped in a saferoom with her grandchildren—her grandson holding the door shut even as he bled from a gunshot wound—Tamar and her family survived that day, unlike many loved ones and neighbors. And the continue to survive and stay strong, because of The Fellowship and our faithful supporters, who Tamar says are “like a ray of light in my life.”
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Locals Become Firefighters as Israel’s Northern Forests Burn

Stand for Israel  |  July 17, 2024
Locals and volunteers are helping to manage the burned land in Israel’s north from fires ignited by Hezbollah rockets.
Families of Israeli observation soldiers who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from Nahal Oz surveillance outpost on October 7, speak to press in Tel Aviv, July 16, 2024.

Hostage Families Release Photos of 5 Female Soldiers from Early Days of Captivity

Stand for Israel  |  July 16, 2024
We continue to pray that all the hostages will come home soon, like the five female IDF soldiers who were kidnapped and are still held in Gaza.
Israeli flag, US flag, Old City, Jerusalem

Netanyahu Reacts to Assassination Attempt on Trump: “Attack on America”

Stand for Israel  |  July 15, 2024
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu responds to the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump this past weekend.
Rachel Goldberg-Polin with her son Hersh who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023.

‘Week of Goodness’ Begins

Stand for Israel  |  July 15, 2024
Rachel Goldberg-Polin and Jon Polin start ‘Week of Goodness’ campaign to bring the hostages still held in Gaza home.
Israeli Security forces try to extinguish a fire near the scene of where a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a car and critically injured two people near Nafah Junction, in the Golan Heights, July 9, 2024.

Northern Israeli Landscape Shows Ravages of Rocket Fire

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2024
In what’s being called one of the biggest natural disasters in Israel by experts, tens of thousands of acres of land have been burned in northern Israel.
Woman walking with an Israeli flag wrapped around her as she walks by fliers of people who are missing during the Israeli war.

Israel, Hamas Agree to Hostage Deal Framework

Stand for Israel  |  July 11, 2024
In this new plan, there would be a Palestinian Authority force ruling Gaza.
Israeli soldiers, mortar shells, Gaza Strip

First Israeli grandfather to Fall in Active Duty Becomes a Symbol of Hope

Stand for Israel  |  July 11, 2024
Elon Wiess’ granddaughter turns two years old while the family is still in mourning for the loss of their grandfather.
Security and rescue forces near the scene of where a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a car and critically injured two people near Nafah Junction, in the Golan Heights, July 9, 2024.

Israeli Parents Killed as Hezbollah Rocket Hits Their Car

Stand for Israel  |  July 10, 2024
Noa and Nir Baranes leave behind three children after losing their lives from a Hezbollah rocket attack in the north.