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US Secretary of State Colin Powell with Israeli PM Ariel Sharon

Colin Powell - A Friend of Israel

Stand for Israel  |  October 18, 2021
A war hero, Secretary of State, American public servant, and friend of Israel, General Colin Powell has passed away at the age of 84.
Israeli children in sand in 1933

Photo Friday: The Sand by the Sea

Stand for Israel  |  October 15, 2021
Children in 1933 Tel Aviv gather in the sand beneath an ancient sycamore tree in this photograph taken in pre-state Israel.
Railway to Auschwitz, where Eddie Jaku was held during Holocaust

Holocaust Survivor and 'Happiest Man on Earth' Passes Away at 101

Stand for Israel  |  October 13, 2021
Eddie Jaku, who survived four concentration camps and went on to teach the world about kindness has died. May his memory be a blessing.
Student at Kfar Hayarok agricultural school for farmers in Israel, 1954

All the Work of Your Hands

Stand for Israel  |  October 12, 2021
Every October 12, the United States celebrates the hard-working people who tend the land on National Farmers Day.
Aunt Maria Errazuriz and Betty Fridman, a Jewish girl she rescued

Aunt Maria

Stand for Israel  |  October 12, 2021
Maria Errazuriz - a Christian social worker who children called "Aunt Maria" - saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.
Olim children in classroom in Israel

Jewish Teachings in the Classroom

Stand for Israel  |  October 11, 2021
Teachings from the Talmudic writings of Maimonides have been incorporated into the classroom by Israel's latest Nobel Prize winner Joshua Angrist.
Western Wall in Jerusalem in the late 1800s

Jerusalem Photo Friday: My Highest Joy

Stand for Israel  |  October 8, 2021
One of the oldest known photographs of the Kotel, the Western Wall, in the Holy City of Jerusalem in the late-1800s.
Yad Vashem ceremony for Dr. Manuel Munoz Borrero, Righteous Gentile from Ecuador

Ecuador's First Righteous Gentile

Stand for Israel  |  October 5, 2021
Dr. Manuel Munoz Borrero was a diplomat from Ecuador who, during WWII, saved more than 100 Jews from certain death.
Mural in Tel Aviv by Nachum Gutman

Nachum Gutman - An Israeli Artist

Stand for Israel  |  October 5, 2021
An Israeli artist, Nachum Gutman worked in many different media, including painting, sculpture, and children's literature.
Holocaust survivor Simon Gronowski as a boy with his parents

Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 90 Years of Life Onstage

Stand for Israel  |  October 4, 2021
Holocaust survivor Simon Gronowski celebrated his 90th birthday by acting out his life story onstage in an opera.
Egyptair plane

A New Route from Egypt to Israel

Stand for Israel  |  October 4, 2021
For the first time since Israel and Egypt signed a peace deal in 1979, the Egyptian national airline Egyptair will run a regular flight between the two countries.
The Fellowship's Yael Eckstein looks up at the Babi Yar memorial in remembrance, Yom HaShoah

Babi Yar 80 Years Later

Stand for Israel  |  September 30, 2021
The U.S., Israel, and all who stand for the Jewish people remember the horrific Babi Yar Massacre of the Holocaust, carried out 80 years ago.

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