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Irena Sendler

The Nurse Who Saved Jewish Children

Stand for Israel  |  August 15, 2022
Irena Sendler was a Polish nurse who saved more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis during the Holocaust.
Terror shooting on Jerusalem bus, August 14, 2022

Terror on Bus near Western Wall

Stand for Israel  |  August 15, 2022
Terror once again gripped the Holy Land this weekend, as a terrorist opened fire on a bus outside Jerusalem's Old City.
IDF soldiers during Hatikvah

'Hatikvah' — Israel's National Anthem

Stand for Israel  |  August 11, 2022
The IDF shares a touching video of "Hatikvah," Israel's national anthem, and Stand for Israel tells you about the song's history.
Khirbet Tibneh, where Joshua lived

Discovering Joshua's Tomb

Stand for Israel  |  August 11, 2022
A new archaeological dig has begun in the Holy Land - at the site where it is believed Joshua from the Bible lived and died.
Rocket fire lights up the sky during Operation Breaking Dawn in August 2022

Operation Breaking Dawn by the Numbers

Stand for Israel  |  August 8, 2022
This weekend's conflict between Israel and terrorists in Gaza - dubbed Operation Breaking Dawn - saw God's miraculous protection over His people.
IDF soldier after ceasefire ends Operation Breaking Dawn, August 2022

Ceasefire in the Holy Land

Stand for Israel  |  August 8, 2022
After a weekend of rocketfire threatening the people of Israel, the IDF and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza have reached a ceasefire.
Rockets being fired by Islamic Jihad toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, on August 6, 2022, during Operation Breaking Dawn

Operation Breaking Dawn: Over 200 Rockets Fired at Israel

Stand for Israel  |  August 6, 2022
Israel faces a second day of rockets fired from Gaza by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, with IDF targeting terrorists in Operation Breaking Dawn.
IDF unearths ancient mosaic floor

IDF Unearths 1,500-Year-Old Mosaic

Stand for Israel  |  August 1, 2022
Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces have uncovered an antique Christian mosaic floor that once decorated the floor of an ancient church.
England soccer game, 1939

A Hero On and Off the Field

Stand for Israel  |  August 1, 2022
A writer in Israel tells how the actions of a Gentile soccer player saved the life of a Jewish peer, her father-in-law.
Tamar Eshel in Jerusalem, 1977

A Life Well Lived

Stand for Israel  |  July 25, 2022
From fighting the Nazis during World War II to being an early diplomat for the Jewish state, Tamar Eshel did so much in her 102 years of life.
Building in Algeria that once was a synagogue, as well as a church and a mosque

Rock the Casbah - Algeria's Rich Jewish Past

Stand for Israel  |  July 25, 2022
Although there are no Jewish communities left in the country of Algeria, the nation has a glorious Jewish past.
Hubert Unzeitig, the Angel of Dachau

The Angel of Dachau

Stand for Israel  |  July 18, 2022
Engelmar Unzeitig was a pastor who cared for fellow prisoners in Dachau Concentration Camp, where he was held until his death.

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