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Israeli Security forces try to extinguish a fire near the scene of where a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a car and critically injured two people near Nafah Junction, in the Golan Heights, July 9, 2024.

Northern Israeli Landscape Shows Ravages of Rocket Fire

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2024
In what’s being called one of the biggest natural disasters in Israel by experts, tens of thousands of acres of land have been burned in northern Israel.
Woman walking with an Israeli flag wrapped around her as she walks by fliers of people who are missing during the Israeli war.

Israel, Hamas Agree to Hostage Deal Framework

Stand for Israel  |  July 11, 2024
In this new plan, there would be a Palestinian Authority force ruling Gaza.
Israeli soldiers, mortar shells, Gaza Strip

First Israeli grandfather to Fall in Active Duty Becomes a Symbol of Hope

Stand for Israel  |  July 11, 2024
Elon Wiess’ granddaughter turns two years old while the family is still in mourning for the loss of their grandfather.
Security and rescue forces near the scene of where a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a car and critically injured two people near Nafah Junction, in the Golan Heights, July 9, 2024.

Israeli Parents Killed as Hezbollah Rocket Hits Their Car

Stand for Israel  |  July 10, 2024
Noa and Nir Baranes leave behind three children after losing their lives from a Hezbollah rocket attack in the north.
Israeli soldiers, Israel-Gaza border, southern Israel, Israeli flag

American IDF Soldier Fights for Truth on College Campuses

Stand for Israel  |  July 9, 2024
Sam Fried, an American IDF soldier, returns to the U.S. to defend Israel in a different way—by opening up conversations of truth and support for the Jewish people on U.S. college campuses.
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IDF Launches New Operation in Gaza City

Stand for Israel  |  July 8, 2024
The IDF is focusing on an operation in Gaza City to kill dozens of terror operatives and is uncovering terrorist weapons and interrogation rooms.
Released hostage Noa Argamani attends her mother funeral Liora Argamani, at the cemetery in Beer Sheva, southern Israel, on July 2, 2024.

Former Hostage Loses Her Mother to Cancer: 'Thank you for holding on'

Stand for Israel  |  July 3, 2024
Just three weeks ago, Noa Argamani was freed by an IDF rescue operation in Gaza, and now she says goodbye to her mother who battled cancer.
Police and rescue forces outside the scene of a stabbing attack in Karmiel, northern Israel, July 3, 2024

One Killed, One Wounded in Terror Stabbing in Northern Israel

Stand for Israel  |  July 3, 2024
Terror once again struck the Holy Land this Wednesday, when a terrorist stabbing attack killed one Israeli and seriously wounded another.
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IDF Chief in Gaza: ‘We're Wearing Down Hamas'

Stand for Israel  |  July 3, 2024
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi says Israeli troops are reaching their war goals of wearing down Hamas and stopping terror in Gaza.
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Paris Grand Synagogue Rabbi: ‘There Is No Future for Jews in France’

Stand for Israel  |  July 2, 2024
Rabbi Moshe Sebbag said on Monday: "I tell everyone who is young to go to Israel or a more secure country."
Daniel Kopilov, wounded IDF soldier wearing black shirt and black shorts, in wheelchair with amputated leg.

Faces of Iron: Daniel

Stand for Israel  |  July 2, 2024
“We came with The Fellowship to Israel. I remember the first day. Everything looked so beautiful.” Daniel came to Israel on a Fellowship aliyah flight as a boy. He fell in love with this country, his historic and biblical homeland, and the people there who welcomed him. And then, he nearly lost his life defending them from terrorists in Gaza. This wounded warrior stays strong, knowing that Christian friends of IFCJ stand with Israel and stand with him.
Gaza, IDF

Two Soldiers Killed in Gaza Combat

Stand for Israel  |  July 2, 2024
As the IDF carries out strikes over Khan Younis against terror targets, two brave heroes lost their lives.