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Women from kibbutz in Negev carry water from new well, 1947

Photo Friday: Like Streams in the Negev

Stand for Israel  |  June 9, 2023
In this photo taken in 1947, a year before Israel won her independence, women in the Negev desert carry life-giving water from a new well.
Walter Bingham, Holocaust survivor, D-Day veteran, and Israeli journalist

From the Holocaust to D-Day to the Holy Land

Stand for Israel  |  June 6, 2023
Walter Bingham survived the Holocaust through the Kindertransport, fought on D-Day, and is the world's oldest radio host.
Eli Cohen and two other men stand with their arms around each other at the Golan Heights

The Spy Who Helped Win the Six-Day War

Stand for Israel  |  June 5, 2023
Eli Cohen was an Israeli spy whose work in Syria led to his execution in 1965, but also helped Israel win the Six-Day War of 1967.
Ho Feng-Shan

Safe Passage to Shanghai

Stand for Israel  |  June 5, 2023
A diplomat called "the Chinese Schindler," Ho Feng-Shan risked his life by issuing lifesaving visas to tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.
Iron Dome battery in Israel

Photo Friday: The Skies Became Fair

Stand for Israel  |  June 1, 2023
In this photo taken against the backdrop of the Holy Land's dazzling night sky, an IDF Iron Dome battery keeps watch over Israel.
Knesset in Israel

The Unbreakable Bond Between Christians and Israel

Stand for Israel  |  June 1, 2023
Those who stand for Israel, especially Christians, know how steadfast the bond is between people wh
Nurse Selma (center)

Nurse Selma

Stand for Israel  |  May 30, 2023
Selma Mayer, known lovingly as Schwester Selma, was the head nurse at Fellowship supported Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem for almost 50 years.
Anne-Marie Epaud

A Drink of Water

Stand for Israel  |  May 30, 2023
Anne-Marie Epaud was a French Gentile who was executed by the Nazis for quenching the thirst of Jewish women at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.
Dr. Tina Strobos with her fiance and mother in 1941

'I Believe in Heroism'

Stand for Israel  |  May 22, 2023
Dr. Tina Strobos was a Dutch physician who was named a Righteous Gentile for her heroic work during the Holocaust.
Moshe Dayan, with eye patch, being awarded by David Ben-Gurion, 1958.

Moshe Dayan's Eye Patch

Stand for Israel  |  May 22, 2023
We look at how this Israeli You Should Know and military hero came to wear the black eye patch for which he is remembered.
Israeli school children celebrate Jerusalem Day, May 20, 1974

In Your Gates, Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  May 18, 2023
The Jewish people celebrate the Holy City of Jerusalem today, just as King David did in the Bible thousands of years ago.
Apartment building in Rehovot, Israel, where elderly woman was killed by rocket attack, May 2023

Elderly Woman Killed by Rocket While Trying to Save Husband

Stand for Israel  |  May 15, 2023
The elderly Israeli woman killed in last week's rocket attack on Rehovot was trying to help her paralyzed husband.

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