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IDF and US joint air drills, November 29, 2022

IDF and US Air Force Hold Joint Drills

Stand for Israel  |  November 30, 2022
The United States and Israel showed their allyship over the Mediterranean Sea in a series of drills between the nations' air forces.
David Ben-Gurion with immigrant schoolchildren in Israel, 1950

A Zionist from the Beginning

Stand for Israel  |  November 30, 2022
Born in 19th-century Eastern Europe, the Jewish boy who would go on to help form the modern state of Israel always stood for Zionism.
Scene of terrorist ramming attack, November 29, 2022

Female IDF Soldier Seriously Wounded in Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  November 29, 2022
A 20-year-old soldier protecting the Israeli people was hit and seriously hurt by a terrorist in a car-ramming attack.
Funeral for victim of Jerusalem bombing in November 2022

Jerusalem Bombing Victim Laid to Rest

Stand for Israel  |  November 28, 2022
Tadasa Tashume Ben Ma'ada, an Ethiopian Jew who made aliyah to Israel, succumbed to wounds suffered in last week's Jerusalem terror bombing.
Tadeusz Gebethner (fifth from right) and his soccer team, 1916

A Righteous Soccer Star

Stand for Israel  |  November 28, 2022
A star athlete in Poland, Tadeusz Gebethner gave up a life of leisure - and his life - to help the Jewish people during the Holocaust.
Scene of Russian rocket strike in Ukraine, November 22, 2022

Ukraine Left Without Power, Water

Stand for Israel  |  November 23, 2022
Widespread Russian attacks across the entirety of Ukraine have left Kyiv without water, and Ukrainians throughout the war-torn country without power.
Bus at scene of Jerusalem terror bombing on November 23, 2022

Jerusalem Terror Bombings Kill 1, Injure 22

Stand for Israel  |  November 23, 2022
Two terrorist bombings in the Holy City of Jerusalem targeted bus stops, killing a teenage boy and injuring 22 more.
Mordechai Spiegler, Israeli soccer player

Israel's World Cup Goal

Stand for Israel  |  November 21, 2022
As soccer fans across the globe focus on the World Cup in Qatar, we remember Israel's lone goal in the World Cup in 1970.
Tadeusz Pankiewicz, pharmacist in Krakow Ghetto, 1941

The Pharmacist of the Krakow Ghetto

Stand for Israel  |  November 21, 2022
Tadeusz Pankiewicz was named Righteous Among the Nations for his work as pharmacist and rescuer who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.
IDF soldiers at scene of terrorist attack, November 15, 2002

Three Killed, Three Wounded in Holy Land Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  November 15, 2022
A terrorist in the West Bank carried out a car-ramming and stabbing attack that left three dead, including two Israeli fathers.
Yvonne Nevejean

Yvonne's Children

Stand for Israel  |  November 14, 2022
Yvonne Feyerick Nevejean, a Belgian teacher, led an organization that hid and saved more than 4,000 Jewish children during the Holocaust.
Leah Gottlieb, founder of Gottex

No Rain, Only Sunshine

Stand for Israel  |  November 14, 2022
Lea Gottlieb was an Israeli fashion designer and businesswoman who survived the Holocaust, then founded the Gottex company in the Holy Land.

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