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Burial of Chen Amir, Israeli security guard killed in August 5, 2023, terror attack in Tel Aviv

'Always Knew He'd Be First to Confront an Attacker'

Stand for Israel  |  August 7, 2023
An Israeli security patrolman, husband, and father was killed this weekend as he tried to stop a terror attack in Tel Aviv.
A young Rabbi Israel Meir Lau and his brother Naftali after liberation from Buchenwald, 1945

Rescuing a Rabbi in Buchenwald

Stand for Israel  |  August 7, 2023
A Christian boy from Russia protected a Jewish boy from Poland, who would become a rabbi, in one of Nazi Germany's worst concentration camps.
Israeli singer Chava Alberstein performs for wounded soldiers, 1969

Israeli Folk Singer - Chava Alberstein

Stand for Israel  |  August 7, 2023
An Israeli singer, lyricist, composer, and arranger, Chava Alberstein has been called the most important female folk singer in Israel's history.
Two Israeli youth play chess at summer camp at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, 1965

Photo Friday: The Days of Your Youth

Stand for Israel  |  August 4, 2023
In this photo from the summer of '65, two Israeli youth enjoy a game of chess during summer camp at the Weizmann Institute.
Jewish revolt era coin inscribed with

Coin from 'The Holy Jerusalem'

Stand for Israel  |  August 2, 2023
A coin from the era of the Jewish people's revolt against the Roman empire, with the name of the Holy City on it, has been found in Israel.
Americans liberating train of Holocaust survivors, 1945

Liberating a Train of Holocaust Survivors

Stand for Israel  |  July 31, 2023
Never-before-seen footage from the National Archives has been unearthed, showing American soldiers liberating a train of Jewish people at the end of the Holocaust
Archaeologist Yigal Yadin, 1963

An Israeli Archaeologist and IDF Hero

Stand for Israel  |  July 31, 2023
Yigael Yadin was an Israeli archaeologist and politician who served as the second Chief of Staff of the IDF.
Jose Castellanos Contreras, Righteous Gentile from El Salvador

Saving 40,000 'Salvadorans' from the Holocaust

Stand for Israel  |  July 31, 2023
Jose Castellanos Contreras was a diplomat from El Salvador who provided false visas to tens of thousands of Jews, saving them from the Nazis.
Eleazar Sukenik, Israeli archaeologist

An Israeli and an Archaeologist

Stand for Israel  |  July 24, 2023
Eleazar Sukenik was an Israel archaeologist and professor who recognized the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, uncovered the Third Wall in Jerusalem, and raised sons who were also important Israelis.
Actress Marianne Golz-Goldlust

An Actress, Singer, and Holocaust Hero

Stand for Israel  |  July 24, 2023
Marianne Golz-Goldlust helped her Jewish husband escape the Nazis, and then lost her life for helping other Jews do the same.
A Bedouin herder rests his camel at sunset on Zikim Beach, Israel

Photo Friday: Camels on the Seashore

Stand for Israel  |  July 21, 2023
A herder lets his camel rest at sunset on Zikim Beach in Israel.
Israeli President Shimon Peres and Yael Eckstein

President, Shepherd, Poet

Stand for Israel  |  July 17, 2023
A servant of the Jewish people, Shimon Peres not only led as President and Prime Minister, he helped make Israel the nation she is today.

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