This Is How Bomb Shelters Look in Israel

Stand for Israel  |  March 21, 2024

public bomb shelter, October 7, Hamas, border, Gaza
The damage caused to a public bomb shelter at the October 7 massacre, on a road near the Israeli-Gaza border, southern Israel, November 19, 2023. (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Israelis in Holon are transforming their public bomb shelters. They are painting designs onto the shelters from popular children’s books in an extension of the city’s “story parks,” reports Israel21c:

This coastal municipality south of Tel Aviv was transformed in 1993 into Israel’s “Children’s City” boasting a magnificent children’s museum complex, children’s library, and other kid-friendly spaces – including about three dozen “story parks” themed to beloved children’s books.

Unfortunately, Holon’s proximity to the Gaza Strip makes public bomb shelters a necessity. But they need not look grim and uninviting.

Artist Rinat Luk Elhaik collaborated with Holon’s Security Department and Culture and Arts Department in a project to paint the city’s 23 public shelters as an extension to the story parks. Each is designed in the style of a popular work of Israeli children’s literature.

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