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Israel Needs You

Learn more about the Forgotten Jews in war-torn Ukraine and the needs of the elderly and displaced in Israel since the October 7th attacks.

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Israel Needs You

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is helping thousands of displaced Jews throughout Israel. Your donation today will help address emergency needs such as providing food, and utility equipment for bomb shelters, and other essentials to the people of Israel.

Israel Under Attack

With terrorist attacks across every part of Israel, your help is needed NOW more than ever. Your gift of $45 will help rush emergency aid, including food, shelter and emergency supplies to the people of Israel who are still devastated by the massacres of October 7th.

Woman kneeling down, crying over memorial candles.

Israel in Crisis!

Israel is in crisis! Your gift of $45 will make sure that the people of Israel have the food and emergency supplies that they so desperately need during the war with Hamas. Your prayers and gifts give hope to the entire nation of Israel. Join us in delivering immediate aid.

You can help ease the suffering of elderly Jews in war-torn Ukraine

Forgotten Jews

Help ease the suffering of elderly Jews in war-torn Ukraine by providing a survival food box for only $25. Save Holocaust survivors like Irina, who had only one carrot per day for her meal. Or Nina, who can’t afford both medication and food.

Elderly Jewish woman sitting on a cot crying.

Bless Israel

Many Jewish people in need, like Ramzia, have nothing to eat. Your $25 donation will provide a food box that is desperately needed for so many. Without your response, their pain and suffering will continue. You can be a godsend today.