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BBB Wise Giving Alliance

The Fellowship is fully accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, which is affiliated with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, indicating that we meet all the BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. BBB evaluates charities based on their governance, results reporting, finances, and truthful and transparent communication.

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Candid Platinum Transparency 2022 Award Logo


The Fellowship has earned the GuideStar Platinum Transparency. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of up-to-date information on nonprofit organizations, providing important context to the financial information available from the IRS to help you better evaluate how we’re using your donations.

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Charity Navigator

Overall Score & Rating: 78.48/100
Financial: 69.72/100
Transparency: 97/100
Charity Navigator is the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, whose rating system examines an organization’s financial health, accountability, and transparency.

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NPT's Best NonProfits to Work for 2021 logo

NonProfit Times

The Fellowship was recently selected as one of the 2021 Best Nonprofits To Work For by the NonProfit Times, the leading national business publication for nonprofit managers.

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ANA Nonprofit Federation Organization of the Year Award logo

ANA Nonprofit Federation

The Fellowship was selected by the ANA Nonprofit Federation, as the Nonprofit Organization of the Year! This honor recognizes a nonprofit for organizational excellence. The ANA Nonprofit Federation is one of the most prominent associations in the U.S. for fundraising professionals. It is an honor to be recognized by our professional fundraising peers for our leadership and fundraising excellence.

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Top 100 Largest U.S. Charities

For the first time in history, The Fellowship has been named in the Forbes Top 100 Largest Charities list.

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Best in America Certified by America's Best Charities logo

Best in America

The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews has been awarded with the America's Best Charities Seal of Excellence. The America's Best Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to charitable organizations that meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

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You can be confident that your donations to The Fellowship are being used conscientiously to do the most good for Israel and Jewish people in need around the world. Explore this page to find out how we’re evaluated by trusted charity watchdog groups, read endorsements from key Jewish and Christian leaders, find out what donors and Fellowship aid recipients are saying about the impact of our work, and more.

The Fellowship regularly submits our financial information to the nation’s most established and respected charity watchdog organizations, and we work hard to receive the highest grades possible for accountability and transparency, and to constantly be improving. These organizations use varying rating and ranking criteria, so you can get a comprehensive look at how The Fellowship uses your donations. It’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we’re able to do the work that we do. It’s important to us that you know your gifts to The Fellowship are being used effectively and efficiently – and we know it’s important to you too!


Benjamin Netanyahu

“We deeply appreciate your dedication and consistent support, and commend your outstanding efforts. I welcome this opportunity to express our gratitude to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, for his dedication and contribution to this important cause. I salute the supporters of this institution, whose efforts and dedication have helped it flourish.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee

“I strongly believe that supporting Israel is one of the most meaningful things a believer can do. This is why I’m partnering with Israel’s most impactful relief organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.”

Michele Bachmann

“I have a tremendous love for Israel, and great admiration for the Israeli people. This is why I’m partnering with Israel’s largest provider of humanitarian aid, and the premier organization building bridges between Christians and Jews, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.”

Donor Reviews

We started giving to The Fellowship around 16 years ago. I was watching a TV program, and The Fellowship came on, telling stories about the orphans and elderly they were supporting in Israel. I called immediately and began giving. Now we give monthly, some gifts bigger, some smaller – but the Lord has certainly tied us in with The Fellowship, and it’s been a huge blessing to our family.

Thirty years ago I found a brochure from The Fellowship. At the time I thought, “I’m giving to many other ministries, but this one is specifically calling out to me.” As the years went on, there was a yearning in my heart to give to Israel and to support the Jews. I’ve been giving to the ministry ever since. I’m African American, and I’m not supporting due to skin color or race, but because of a similar struggle that we faced like the Jewish people.

I’ve discovered in the past couple of years that my purpose is to support The Fellowship, to help feed and take care of the Jewish people in Israel. I feel that’s my job. We as Christians have a calling on this earth that we’re supposed to do. I have to say that because I’ve been doing my job of supporting the Jewish people I’ve been kept safe during this time.

Beneficiary Reviews

We want to thank The Fellowship and its staff and donors for giving us all the assistance necessary to start a new life in Israel. We look forward to all the good we believe is awaiting us in our new country.

I’m alone by myself all day. I don’t go out. I don’t know what I’ll do on Passover. I may have to be here alone. I want to thank you for coming and bringing me this food. It’s saving me.

I would like to thank The Fellowship staff for doing such important work, especially during the time of the coronavirus crisis. We felt that the people who determined which products to pack thought of the needs of the elderly. Both the amount and the variety of the products were so correct.

Employee Reviews

Since early 2019, the org has been rapidly transforming to have better technology and leadership. I genuinely enjoy the people who I work with every day and am happy to support its mission.

Our work is very meaningful. Knowing you are feeding the poor and helping the vulnerable by doing your job is something we all hold onto. We’re a family at IFCJ. We support each other and genuinely care about each other. We have a strategic 5-year plan for the first time and there is a plan to actually accomplish it. It’s just a top-notch place to work right now.

A great place to work, with fantastic people, great benefits and a worthy cause!

Your Impact

The Fellowship is a trusted non-profit with decades of experience supporting Jewish people in need – in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the world. Thanks to our faithful donors, we’re able to fight poverty, provide security, and facilitate aliyah (immigration to Israel) through hundreds of lifesaving projects.

  • We’ve been distributing aid to the needy in Israel and the former Soviet Union for 37 years
  • Since its founding in 1983, The Fellowship has raised more than $1.8 billion to assist Jewish people in need
  • We are the largest provider of humanitarian aid in Israel
  • The Fellowship established a $20 million fund to assist those hardest hit by coronavirus pandemic in Israel and the former Soviet Union
  • In 2019:
    • Our donors helped more than 1.7 million people in need
    • More than 700,000 meals were provided by The Fellowship in soup kitchens around the world
    • 156,971 Holocaust survivors and elderly were able to access to medical care, food deliveries, and warm companionship
    • 256,322 children and families received food, medicine, clothing, and other assistance
    • 5,385 were brought home to the Holy Land thanks to The Fellowship and our donors


At The Fellowship, we take financial accountability and good stewardship of our donors’ funds very seriously! Find out how your gifts to The Fellowship were allocated to best serve Israel and needy Jewish people worldwide in IFCJ’s financial summary and more.

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