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Fellowship bomb shelter in Tiberias, Israel, 2023

The Fellowship Donates 9 Bomb Shelters to Tiberias

The Fellowship  |  March 22, 2023
Thanks to The Fellowship's faithful donors, the people of the Israeli city of Tiberias will be safer when terrorist rockets fall.

Project Spotlight: Fortifying Israel’s Hospitals Against Rocket Attacks

The Fellowship  |  March 22, 2023
The Fellowship has undertaken a five-year plan to fortify Israel’s hospitals and increase their capacity to deal with crises and attacks.

The Fellowship Pledges $4 Million to Aid Ukrainian Jews

The Fellowship  |  March 8, 2023
Learn more about our emergency funding that supports the Jewish community in Ukraine as they still face the ongoing war.
Jews in Ukraine, power outage, water shortage, a year after, one year

A Year After the Invasion, Jews in Ukraine Hang on to Optimism

The Fellowship  |  February 22, 2023
The Fellowship's assistance on the ground is giving Jews in Ukraine hope, a light in the darkness.
crisis and need, aliyah Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian Refugees Find a Home in Israel

The Fellowship  |  February 21, 2023
As The Fellowship welcomes home Ukrainian refugees to Israel, we learn about how many have been forced to flee their homes since the start of the war.

Almost 1-Year Since the War Began, 90 Ukrainian Refugees Arrive in Israel

The Fellowship  |  February 14, 2023
These olim (immigrants) have escaped war to begin new lives in Israel, almost one year after the start of the war.
soup kitchen, food, freezer

Project Spotlight: Fellowship Soup Kitchens

The Fellowship  |  February 8, 2023
A Fellowship-supported soup kitchen in Sderot, Israel, will be expanding their reach soon thanks to a new grant we approved this summer to build a freezer room.

Survivor Refugees From Ukraine Express Gratitude for Israel

The Fellowship  |  February 1, 2023
While we continue to deliver food and medicine to the weakest of God’s precious people in Ukraine, we also offer to help them make aliyah.

Over 52,000 Holocaust Survivors Made Aliyah in Last 30 Years

The Fellowship  |  January 26, 2023
As we honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we learn about the survivors who have made their way home to Israel over the last 30 years.

Project Spotlight: Rescue Flights for Elderly

The Fellowship  |  January 24, 2023
Ella says we have helped her by “bringing me light and warming my heart by giving me a chance to get to the Holy Land and be safe.”

What Is the Future of Christian-Jewish Relations?

The Fellowship  |  January 11, 2023
Rabbi Daniel Korobkin and Bishop Paul Lanier share about the future of Jewish-Christian relations and what we all can do as people of faith.

Your Wonderful Deeds

The Fellowship  |  January 11, 2023
In 2022, you fed, clothed, and provided lifesaving medicine to more than TWO MILLION people. We want to thank you for all you’ve done by showing just how many wonderful deeds you did in the past year.

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