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Bishop Lainer smiling into the camera while Jerusalem is behind him.

A Global Movement of Faith

The Fellowship  |  November 21, 2022
Bishop Paul Lanier shares about his visit to Seoul with The Fellowship to build bridges of faith, and he explains how God is using our fellowship so profoundly.
Bishop Paul Lanier

Something Powerful, Something Profound

The Fellowship  |  November 15, 2022
Bishop Paul Lanier shares about his Fellowship trip to Korea and the powerful and holy work he is witnessing there.
Elderly Jewish woman in a brown jacket looking directly into the camera.

As Winter Approaches, Jewish Groups Help Ukrainians Stay Warm

The Fellowship  |  November 15, 2022
As the war in Ukraine carries on, people still left in Ukraine might be facing a winter where there is little access to power, heat, or hot water.
Yael Eckstein and Bishop Lainer standing with a family who just made Aliyah.

Project Spotlight: Packing Food With Our Board Members

The Fellowship  |  November 8, 2022
Recently, The Fellowship’s Board of Directors from all countries met in Israel for joint board session...
Yael Eckstein delivers winter warmth necessities

Project Spotlight: Operation Winter Warmth

The Fellowship  |  November 2, 2022
Learn more about our Operation Winter Warmth efforts this year.
Three elderly Jewish people sitting next to each other celebrating their 100th birthday.

The Fellowship Celebrates Israelis' 100th Birthdays

The Fellowship  |  October 27, 2022
We were so happy to celebrate our With Dignity and Fellowship recipients who turned 100 years old this year with a birthday party!
Man from IFCJ staff going through a food box with a recipient.

Project Spotlight: Providing for Ethiopian Jews in Israel

The Fellowship  |  October 20, 2022
One of the unique ways The Fellowship provides for Ethiopian Jews in Israel is by providing teff flour—a grain common in Ethiopian cuisine.
Yael Eckstein visits elderly Jewish woman during winter in Ukraine, 2022

As Winter Looms

The Fellowship  |  October 17, 2022
As winter looms in Ukraine and elsewhere that The Fellowship serves the most vulnerable, there are many lifesaving necessities your gift provides.
Woman embracing her child who is in uniform.

IDF Lone Soldiers From Ukraine Reunited With Their Families for the Holidays

The Fellowship  |  October 12, 2022
The Fellowship recently brought families together ahead of the holiday season!
Betya, elderly woman in Israel receiving food for High Holy Days 2022

A Holy Time Thanks to YOU

The Fellowship  |  October 12, 2022
This High Holy Days season, Fellowship friends like YOU have not only changed lives, but saved lives with your holy gift.
Yael Eckstein delivering an IFCJ food box to an elderly Jewish woman.

The Fellowship Distributes Over 7 Million to Ukrainian Immigrants and Others in Need for the New Year

The Fellowship  |  October 4, 2022
For the first time, Ukrainian olim are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and the High Holy Days in Israel after fleeing war-torn Ukraine with help from The Fellowship.
Synagogue for Yom Kippur

A Yom Kippur Like No Other

The Fellowship  |  October 3, 2022
A Fellowship staff member living in Israel shares the memories she has of Yom Kippur observances from the past.

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