Yuri, an elderly Holocaust survivor

Love and Care from You

The Fellowship  |  January 25, 2022
After spending his life without love or care, this Holocaust survivor now knows how much God loves him, because of friends like you.
Isaiah 58
Nina, whose family was murdered at Babi Yar

The Least of These

The Fellowship  |  January 24, 2022
96-year-old Nina lost her entire family to the Babi Yar massacre. And today, friends of The Fellowship like you are all this precious Holocaust survivor has.
Isaiah 58
Katerina, Holocaust survivor in Ukraine who is alive thanks to American Chrisians

'God Has Kept Me Alive'

The Fellowship  |  January 19, 2022
The life of this 96-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ukraine has been saved many times by Christians in America.
Yuri, an elderly and disabled Jewish man in FSU whose heart and home The Fellowship is warming

Warming Yuri’s Heart and Home

The Fellowship  |  January 12, 2022
Yuri’s life is challenging because of physical and mental disabilities. But you are his one lifeline, bringing food, warmth, and love.
Isaiah 58
Maria, elderly woman in Ukraine who Fellowship friends are saving

Saving Maria

The Fellowship  |  January 6, 2022
Thank you to Fellowship friends for saving this elderly Holocaust survivor from starvation and cold this winter.
Isaiah 58
Dolores, an elderly Jewish woman who has found a friend in The Fellowship

You Are Her Only Friend

The Fellowship  |  December 16, 2021
While Dolores has little but her traumatic memories, she has found a friend in The Fellowship, who provide her with food, care, and hope.
Isaiah 58
Nadezha, an elderly Holocaust survivor whose name means hope

You Are Her Hope

The Fellowship  |  December 7, 2021
This elderly Holocaust survivor’s name means “hope,” which is what Fellowship friends like you give her.
Family celebrates Hanukkah

A Holy Land Hanukkah

The Fellowship  |  December 1, 2021
Thanks to Fellowship friends around the world, Jewish families like Gabriel and Emanuel's can celebrate Hanukkah in Israel, their biblical and historic homeland.
Lenina, elderly Jewish woman in Ukraine who receives Fellowship aid for Hanukkah

A Second Chance

The Fellowship  |  November 22, 2021
After surviving the Holocaust and Soviet rule, Lenina nearly lost her life. But this Hanukkah, she celebrates with Fellowship friends like you.
Guardians of Israel
IDF soldiers celebrate Hanukkah with Fellowship vehicle

Hanukkah for the Holy Land's Heroes

The Fellowship  |  November 16, 2021
Each Hanukkah, Fellowship friends around the world show their appreciation for the brave men and women of the IDF.
Elderly Jewish couple with Hanukkah in their hearts

In Our Hearts

The Fellowship  |  November 11, 2021
This elderly Jewish couple found help from The Fellowship in making aliyah (immigrating to Israel), where they will now celebrate Hanukkah.
Raisa, elderly Jewish olim in Israel, lights Hanukkah candles

Hanukkah in the Holy Land

The Fellowship  |  November 3, 2021
Having survived anti-Semitism during the Holocaust and the Soviet era, Raisa can now celebrate Jewish holidays like Hanukkah in Israel.

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