Stories Anna, elderly woman in Israel who survived the Holocaust

How Anna Survives

The Fellowship  |  June 27, 2022
Anna's life began as the Holocaust loomed, and with your help she has survived so much, to live her golden years in the Holy Land.
Stories Isaak and Anna, elderly Jewish couple who depends on love and care from The Fellowship

Love for a Loving Couple

The Fellowship  |  June 21, 2022
Isaak and Anna have found themselves in need of the love and care that friend of The Fellowship have provided in their golden years.
Stories Lidia, an elderly Holocaust survivor in Israel helped by The Fellowship

‘The People at The Fellowship Remember Me’

The Fellowship  |  June 14, 2022
After surviving the Holocaust in Ukraine and a hard lifetime in Siberia, Lidia now calls the Holy Land home and depends on you for help.
Stories Polina, an elderly Holocaust survivor cared for by The Fellowship in Israel

‘Thank You, God, That I’m in Israel’

The Fellowship  |  June 6, 2022
An elderly Holocaust survivor has God, His Holy Land of Israel, and friends at The Fellowship to thank for caring for her.
Stories Fanya, elderly Jewish woman who has found family with The Fellowship in Israel

A Family for Fanya

The Fellowship  |  June 1, 2022
This precious Jewish woman survived the Holocaust in Ukraine and has at last found a family in Israel with The Fellowship.
Stories Katerina, Holocaust survivor in Ukraine who is alive thanks to American Chrisians

'God Has Kept Me Alive'

The Fellowship  |  May 23, 2022
The life of this 96-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ukraine has been saved many times by Christians in America.
Stories Maria, elderly woman in Ukraine who Fellowship friends are saving

Saving Maria

The Fellowship  |  May 16, 2022
Thank you to Fellowship friends for providing this elderly Holocaust survivor with lifesaving aid.
Isaiah 58 Dolores, an elderly Jewish woman who has found a friend in The Fellowship

You Are Her Only Friend

The Fellowship  |  May 10, 2022
While Dolores has little but her traumatic memories, she has found a friend in The Fellowship, who provide her with food, care, and hope.
Stories Raisa, Holocaust survivor from Belarus

Remembering Raisa

The Fellowship  |  May 2, 2022
Raisa hasn’t forgotten losing her mother and sister during the Holocaust. And she knows that you haven’t forgotten her.
Stories Nina, whose family was murdered at Babi Yar

The Least of These

The Fellowship  |  April 25, 2022
96-year-old Nina lost her entire family to the Babi Yar massacre. And today, friends of The Fellowship like you are all this precious Holocaust survivor has.
Stories Yunona, an elderly Holocaust survivor in the FSU who celebrates Passover thanks to The Fellowship

Remembering God's Deliverance

The Fellowship  |  April 18, 2022
Throughout her life, Yunona has stayed faithful, despite living under Nazi and Soviet persecution, and still celebrates Passover thanks to you.
Stories Elderly Jewish woman in Ukraine receives Passover food box

Looking Out for God’s Children

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2022
This Passover, Fellowship friends around the world are providing comfort and care to “the least of these.”

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