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'The Fellowship Is My Lifeline'

The Fellowship  |  May 15, 2024
Liza relies on The Fellowship to see her through the difficulty of old age and illness.
Stories Lidiya, elderly Holocaust survivor in Israel who receives care from The Fellowship

Taking Care of Each Other

The Fellowship  |  May 6, 2024
Holocaust survivors like Lidiya are thankful for the love and care they know today because of Fellowship friends like you.
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Someone to Help

The Fellowship  |  May 1, 2024
You help people like Luiza live out their faith with dignity, not only in Israel, but around the world.
Stories A With Dignity and Fellowship beneficiary and Holocaust survivor thanks us for delivering food ahead of Passover.

'It Is a Big Help’

The Fellowship  |  April 24, 2024
The Fellowship helps this Holocaust survivor celebrate Passover and have the essentials she needs to survive.
Stories The Fellowship distributes Passover food boxes to elderly.

A Happy Passover

The Fellowship  |  April 16, 2024
Bitya is one of the many elderly who rely on The Fellowship to have enough food, especially prior to Passover
Stories Viktoria prepared this cake for The Fellowship as a thank you for all the support her family has received over the years after taking cake decorating courses.

Hope for Better Days

The Fellowship  |  April 8, 2024
Thanks to The Fellowship, Viktoria's children are growing up in Israel.
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Grateful for The Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  April 4, 2024
Thankfully, The Fellowship has been providing Esther, and so many evacuees like her, with support.
Stories Elderly With Dignity and Fellowship recipient receives a Passover food box.

You Saved Her

The Fellowship  |  March 27, 2024
This Holocaust survivor has found help through The Fellowship as Passover approaches.
Stories Beba, an elderly Holocaust survivor from Ukraine living in Israel

Beba's Biggest Joy

The Fellowship  |  March 18, 2024
This Holocaust survivor has survived wars, communism, illness, and even radiation. And now she depends on you for help.
Stories Mother and 3-year-old daughter receive Passover food from The Fellowship.

‘Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart’

The Fellowship  |  March 13, 2024
Such a loving and dedicated mother, 43-year-old Sandrine raises her 3-year-old daughter all on her own.
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‘I Will Never Be Hungry Again’

The Fellowship  |  March 6, 2024
We provide Zoya with the assistance that she needs to feel secure during wartime in Israel.
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Caring for Families of Reservists

The Fellowship  |  February 29, 2024
“I froze on the spot. I didn't want him to go,” says 35-year-old Pazit of the moment when her husband was called up for reserve duty to fight Hamas.

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