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Israel War 2023 – Updates from May 17, 2024

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel…six months later on April 13, 2024 Israel was attacked AGAIN in northern Israel by Iran. To this day, Israel is still being directly targeted.

On May 5, 2024 a Fellowship-supported soup kitchen in Kiryat Shmona was hit directly from Hezbollah attacks. The Beit Batya soup kitchen has been serving a community that’s mostly evacuated except for the weakest, sickest, and most vulnerable who stayed behind. Since the start of the war, the Fellowship has provided armored vehicles for safe food distribution and will continue, with your help, to support endangered communities like Kiryat Shmona.  You can read more on the Beit Batya soup kitchen here.

Unfortunately, Israel continues to face attacks on all sides. The need to help Israel and her people has never been greater. As Israel endures unprecedented attacks and direct missiles, the Fellowship has supported the people of Israel with thousands of meals, bomb shelters, and more.

During these hard times, we urgently need your help in this time of crisis. 

In the last three months, Hamas has fired more than 11,000 rockets at Israel, displaced hundreds of thousands of Israelis, and torn entire communities apart. It has been a long fight.. and now is continuing with a second threat. Your gift today can help us provide the much-needed resources to Jews who depend on us for critical humanitarian aid.   

Since the start of the Hamas invasion, 1,200 Israelis have been murdered, and 200 hostages taken. Entire communities were left in ruins. Support those that have survived as they endure the effects of a second attack from Iran. Israel needs you now more than ever.  

The Fellowship’s Impact

The Fellowship is assessing needs daily, as we are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for aid. Our initial focus will be delivering aid to three populations hardest-hit by this crisis:

· Evacuees from war-torn areas, who were forced to leave their homes

· First responders and volunteers who need medical equipment

· Elderly beneficiaries, families, and new olim (immigrants), who need necessities like food, water, medical equipment, and psychological counseling to deal with trauma

In total, The Fellowship has allocated and distributed more than $19 million in emergency aid to communities and residents in regions of Israel most heavily affected by the devastating terror attacks.

Help Israel Now with Your Donation 

In these difficult times, every donation, big or small, contributes to a larger impact, giving hope to those facing the horrors of war. 

Your donation today could provide an essential food box and lifesaving aid to a Jewish person in need. Every blessing is a way to ease the burdens of those in need in Israel and her people during this moment of uncertainty—a way to share what we have with those who have lost everything. 


Games for Netivot Children-shelter
  • The Fellowship has set up an Emergency Response Center in Ramle, where local authorities are helping families locate their loved ones
  • We’re supplying entertainment kits for children in Sderot and Netivot who have been forced to stay in their bomb shelters since October
  • We’re supplying 600 food cards to families evacuated for their own safety from the region
  • More than $500,000 ($1,250 per family) will be distributed to 400 families of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personnel that were injured in combat
  • Distribution of 1,600 grants of about $1,250 each to families evacuated from the southern areas hardest hit by the conflict


adult man in IFCJ-branded flak jacket delivering food to elderly woman
  • 5,850 prepared meals and 70 food boxes were given to elderly besieged in their homes during the first week of the conflict
  • We’re providing thousands of meals for elderly in the southern towns of Netivot, Sderot, and Ofakim
  • We’re providing clothing, food, and transportation for the city of Be’er Sheva
  • Mobile units are supplying food, water, and a listening ear for those seeking information on their missing loved ones
  • The transfer of $500,000 (with a matching commitment from the Israel Lottery Commission, for a total of $1 million) to communities on the Gaza border to address immediate critical needs such as food, medication, transportation, and therapy services


Man carrying child walking through destruction in Israel
  • Supplying 5,038 ballistic and protective flak jackets to firefighters and emergency teams
  • Transportation and installation of 30 portable bomb shelters—during the first week of the crisis—along the northern border and in the Galilee region
  • Distributing 1,200 medical and equipment bags to paramedics and other emergency teams
  • A grant of more than $375,000 to NETEL (Victims of Trauma from Terror Activities) to increase their support hotlines, which have seen a 6,000% jump in calls since the outbreak of the war
  • 2,900 helmets for members of standby emergency teams in northern and southern Israel

*Numbers are reported from May 17, 2024 and are subject to change.

Prayer Points for Israel

Check out our prayer points page to read comforting Bible verses and identify specific prayer needs in this time of crisis.

Pray for Israel

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and share your prayers for Israel on our Fellowship Prayer Wall in this time of crisis.

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