Limmud Bible Studies

Man in a white robe blowing into a shofar against a sunset background.

Shofar: The Sounds of Repentance

In this month's study, Rabbi Eckstein explores the various meanings and spiritual lessons that are associated with this biblically mandated tradition.
Close up image of challah with a jar of honey in front of it

Challah: The Blessing in the Dough

In this study, we learn about the Sabbath bread, challah, and how this special bread brings rich blessings into our lives, into our homes, and to others.
Right skewed close-up image of grain in a field.

Shmita: The Sabbatical Year

Welcome to the world of shmita. While the observance of this biblical law is only applicable in the land of Israel today, its spirit is something that can, and should, permeate everywhere.
Jacob guarding Laban's herd

Jacob: Our Patriarch of Truth

Of all the forefathers, Jacob is the most difficult patriarch to understand. Join us as we take a fresh look at one of the Bible’s most familiar characters, and discover how our perspective might change on how we view this figure, important to both Jews and Christians alike.
Black and white image of the exodus from Egypt

The Exodus Story

Passover is one of the most celebrated and widely observed holidays of the Jewish people around the world. It sits at the heart of the nation of Israel, bringing together family and friends of...
Black and white illustration of a man talking to a woman carrying a pile of sticks

Isaac: Our Patriarch of Strength

Isaac was the second patriarch of the Jewish Bible. He was the son of a promise - God's promise that Abraham would have a child to carry on his mission. Isaac was also the receiver of a promise -the recipient of the very same promise that God gave to Abraham regarding the land of Canaan.
Abraham greets three strangers

Abraham: Our Patriarch of Loving-kindness

Abraham's belief about one God who is Father of us all - monotheism - was not widely recognized during his lifetime. His ideals and values form the basis of the civilized world today. Learn more about Abraham, the first of the avot, the patriarchs.
Black and white drawing of a man reaching out towards a woman who's bent down.

Leah: Our Matriarch of Prayer

Leah, the fourth and final matriarch of the Jewish Bible, is often referred to as the unexpected matriarch. Jacob discovered that Leah had become his wife the morning after they had...
Black and white drawing of a woman and man hugging.

Rachel: Our Matriarch of Compassion

Rachel, always mentioned as the third matriarch of Israel, had much in common with her predecessors, Sarah and Rebekah. Discover the significance of Rachel's final resting place and of her defining characteristic — great compassion in this study of Israel's four great matriarchs.
Black and white illustration of a man and woman holding a pitcher.

Rebekah: Our Matriarch of Strength

In this month's Limmud, we will study Rebekah's character and her life story as recorded in the Bible. We will discover why Rebekah was chosen to enter the family of Abraham, what we can learn from her, and what she contributed to Israel — and to us— as a lasting legacy.
Black and white cartoon of two characters kneeling down praying.

Sarah - Our Matriarch of Faith

In this month's Limmud, we begin with the first Matriarch, Sarah. It is my hope that as we deeply study Sarah – her character, her flaws, and her triumphs – you will be inspired and learn new lessons to integrate into your own life.
Black and white Illustration of Moses holding the 10 Commandments.

Moses: Covenant with A Nation

In this final section of our study of covenants, we will explore the Mosaic Covenant, the covenant God made with the nation of Israel at Sinai and through which He gifted the world with the

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