Bible Studies

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The Covenant: God's Eternal Contract

In this month's Fellowship study, we will explore a topic that is foundational for both the Jewish and Christian faiths: the covenant, or in Hebrew. In what was a revolutionary idea at the time, the Bible teaches that God chose and initiated a covenantal relationship with us!
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Israel: God's Holy Land

Join us in exploring God's special and eternal bond with His people and His land, Israel.
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Suffering: God's Refining Fire

In this month's Fellowship Study, we will tackle one of the most difficult issues for people of all faiths: Suffering. Through this study, we will discover biblical insights into coping with suffering and growing through difficulties.
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Angels: God's Agents on Earth

In this month's Limmud study, we will explore the centrality of angels in both the Jewish and Christian faith.
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Atonement: At One With God

This month's Fellowship Study explores God's incredible gift of atonement to His people of faith. Join us as we learn about this biblical concept from both a Jewish and Christian perspective.
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Matzah: The Bread of Freedom

This study details the significance of eating matzah, unleavened bread, during Passover and its spiritual meaning for us today. Also known as "the bread of freedom," learn how matzah powerfully captures the symbolism of the Passover story.
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Shofar: The Sounds of Repentance

In this month's study, Rabbi Eckstein explores the various meanings and spiritual lessons that are associated with this biblically mandated tradition.
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Challah: The Blessing in the Dough

In this study, we learn about the Sabbath bread, challah, and how this special bread brings rich blessings into our lives, into our homes, and to others.
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Shmita: The Sabbatical Year

Welcome to the world of shmita. While the observance of this biblical law is only applicable in the land of Israel today, its spirit is something that can, and should, permeate everywhere.
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Jacob: Our Patriarch of Truth

Of all the forefathers, Jacob is the most difficult patriarch to understand. Join us as we take a fresh look at one of the Bible’s most familiar characters, and discover how our perspective might change on how we view this figure, important to both Jews and Christians alike.
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The Exodus Story

Passover is one of the most celebrated and widely observed holidays of the Jewish people around the world. It sits at the heart of the nation of Israel, bringing together family and friends of...
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Isaac: Our Patriarch of Strength

Isaac was the second patriarch of the Jewish Bible. He was the son of a promise - God's promise that Abraham would have a child to carry on his mission. Isaac was also the receiver of a promise -the recipient of the very same promise that God gave to Abraham regarding the land of Canaan.

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