Angels: God’s Agents on Earth

Black and white cartoon image of an angel protecting several people.

For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways
… — Psalm 91:11

Every night Jewish mothers and fathers around the globe sing traditional Hebrew songs about angels to their children as they drift off to sleep. We sing them a lullaby with words the patriarch Jacob used to bless Joseph’s sons: “the Angel who has delivered me from all harm— may he bless these boys . . . ” (Genesis 48:16). We send our children off to sleep with thoughts of angels, guarding and protecting them.

Angels are of utmost significance in the Jewish tradition. We mention angels every day in our prayers. We speak of them before we go to sleep. We call upon them as we set out on a journey or face a difficult challenge. We begin our Sabbath meal by welcoming God’s angels into our homes.

In this Fellowship study, we will explore the centrality of angels in both the Jewish and Christian faith. We will delve into the purpose and function of these unseen messengers of God, and study their roles in the Bible and how they continue to guide us today. Join us as we discover the love and support available to us by God’s angels at all times and through any circumstances. Angels are indeed among us — sometimes in ways we might have never imagined.

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