The Covenant: God’s Eternal Contract

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In this month’s Fellowship study, we will explore a topic that is foundational for both the Jewish and Christian faiths: the covenant, or brit in Hebrew. In what was a revolutionary idea at the time, the Bible taught that God chose and initiated a covenantal relationship with us! God desires a meaningful bond and partnership with every human being in the world. In our study, we will learn about the first covenant God made with Noah after the flood, follow the covenant made with Abraham, and then extended to the nation of Israel, and finally, look at the covenant established with King David for an everlasting kingship.

Join us as we discover these ancient and fundamental contracts made thousands of years ago, but which still have implications for our faith and our lives today. Ultimately, these covenants, with promises binding both God and us, will bring about the redemption of the world that we are all praying and waiting for. May we see it speedily in our days!

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