Don’t Forget About the Jews in Ukraine

The Fellowship  |  March 13, 2024

Children interact with Fellowship staff at Tikva Odesa school in Ukraine.
(Photo: Sergey Mamay)

As the war in Ukraine continues more than two years later, it seems the news cycle has forgotten about the tragedy and need still present.

But thankfully The Fellowship is still on the ground helping these people in need. We learn more from Michael Starr, who is writing at The Jerusalem Post, about what the Jewish people in Ukraine are going through right now:

“It’s impossible to say that life here is normal, but we’ve adapted as much as possible to create routine,” said Tatiana, the school’s principal.

Tatiana related that it was difficult to keep the kids focused on lessons when they were often interrupted by sirens. Sometimes the students need to stay after school hours until it is safe to leave. Wolff said that there are sirens every day, with barrages of about 20 suicide drones in each attack. Tatiana said that parents knew that school was the calmest place for the children, where they could have the comfort of being with other kids.

THE SCHOOL also has two psychologists on staff. There is a generator to heat in the winter, and the school is also safe because it has a large bomb shelter, which has classrooms, a play room, and even a small dining spot. Like in Israel, the walls of the bomb shelter display the artwork of the children. Some of the newer artwork expressed prayers for Israel in the wake of October 7, with big blue stars of David flanked by supportive Ukrainian flags.