Project Spotlight: Soup for Israelis in Need

The Fellowship  |  March 13, 2024

Woman receives soup from The Fellowship's partners in Israel.
(Photo: Leket)

In 2023, The Fellowship approved a grant to partner with the Leket organization to distributes soups that are rich in vegetables and other nutritious and filling products, such as legumes, to 1,667 elderly throughout Israel. Many of these elderly are either afraid or unable to leave their homes during wartime in Israel.
We help people like 58-year-old Shulamit who says, “First there was COVID-19 and now there’s a war [in Israel]. It’s very difficult, we don’t have a lot of money … It’s a big help when we receive vegetables, fruit, and soups. Thank you to The Fellowship for these delicious soups. Thank you for helping us.”