Project Spotlight: Emergency Shelter Kits

The Fellowship  |  April 18, 2024

Packaging emergency shelter kits in partnership with Latet at a warehouse in Israel.
(Photo: Raanan Cohen)

After hundreds of drones and missiles from Iran and its proxies were launched at the Holy Land, The Fellowship has taken immediate action. We just approved a grant for emergency food and shelter boxes.

After witnessing the war on Israel over the last six months, we know it’s important to prepare for the worst-case scenario, while praying that God will protect His people.

We have emergency warehouses ready with emergency supply kits, which we will immediately distribute to elderly and families forced to shelter for prolonged periods. We will be providing food and hygiene kits for families and elderly in need, as well as emergency shelter kits (filled with items such as instant cup-o-soup, crackers, spreads, bottled water, batteries, first aid kits, radios, flashlights, dishes, toilet paper, and baby wipes.)

Learn more about our emergency aid initiative here.

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