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Matzah factory in Ukraine

Ukraine Matzah Factory Survives Airstrike

Stand for Israel  |  April 3, 2023
A matzah factory in war-torn Ukraine survived a Russian airstrike as it worked to prepare food for Passover.
Yitzhak Navon helps immigrant mother of 10 with her lesson, 1964

President, Teacher, Jerusalemite

Stand for Israel  |  April 3, 2023
Yitzhak Navon was the first Israeli president born in the Holy City of Jerusalem and the first Mizrachi Jew to hold the office.
Zarko Dolinar - Righteous Gentile and Table Tennis Champion

A World Champion and Holocaust Hero

Stand for Israel  |  April 3, 2023
Zarko Dolinar was a champion table tennis player from Yugoslavia, who with his brother Boris, saved Jews during the Holocaust.
Alida Bosshardt of the Salvation Army

'We Don't Do This Sort of Thing'

Stand for Israel  |  March 27, 2023
Alida Bosshardt was a Dutch Christian and member of the Salvation Army who sheltered and cared for Jewish children during World War II, saving them from the Nazis.
Black and white image of Shoshana Damari singing.

The Queen of Hebrew Music

Stand for Israel  |  March 27, 2023
A Yemeni-born Israeli singer, Shoshana Damari became known as the "Queen of Hebrew Music."
Man floating on the waters of the Dead Sea in Israel, 1925

Photo Friday: On the Waters

Stand for Israel  |  March 23, 2023
In pre-state Israel, a man reads a book and relaxes while floating in the Dead Sea, a favorite pastime of Holy Land natives and visitors, alike.
Esther Cailingold

'Esther Was a Zionist'

Stand for Israel  |  March 20, 2023
A British-born schoolteacher, Esther Cailingold fought in Israel's War of Independence and died in the battle for Jerusalem's Old City.
Maria Fedecka and two children

Let Everyone Remember Her Name

Stand for Israel  |  March 20, 2023
Maria Fedecka was a Polish social worker and member of the anti-Nazi resistance in Poland whose actions saved countless Jewish children and families during the Holocaust.
IDF soldiers on scene of terror shooting in Israel, March 2023

The Young Israeli Men Cut Down by Terror

Stand for Israel  |  March 20, 2023
Recent terror shootings in Israel have left one young man - a former U.S. Marine - clinging to life, while another has passed away.
A mother goat and her kid, part of the flock of an olim family in Israel, 1950

Photo Friday: Your Flocks

Stand for Israel  |  March 17, 2023
In this photo taken during the early days of the state of Israel, an olim family's humble flock climbs among the land they will farm.
British humanitarian that rescued children from Nazi Germany, Nicholas Winton

To Save Jewish Children

Stand for Israel  |  March 14, 2023
Known as "the British Schindler," Nicholas Winton rescued 669 Jewish children on the eve of the Holocaust.
Andree Geulen, 1944

'Aren't You Ashamed to Make War on Jewish Children?'

Stand for Israel  |  March 13, 2023
Andrée Geulen was a Belgian schoolteacher who hid hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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