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Hermann Maas at Yad Vashem, 1967

A Protestant Pastor and Hero of the Holocaust

Stand for Israel  |  July 27, 2021
Pastor Hermann Maas not only advocated for Zionism, but for the Jewish people during the Holocaust, many of whom he saved from the Nazis.
Israeli judo at Tokyo Olympics, where opponents send message of anti-Semitism

A Message of Peace at the Tokyo Olympics

Stand for Israel  |  July 26, 2021
In the past, Stand for Israel has been shocked when nations who hate Israel force their athletes to
Israeli team at Tokyo Olympics, where victims of Munich Massacre were remembered

Israel's 1972 Munich Massacre Victims Remembered at Tokyo Olympics

Stand for Israel  |  July 23, 2021
For the first time since the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games, the 11 Israeli victims of the attack were remembered at the Tokyo Olympics.
Theodor Herzl with his sons and daughters, 1900

Photo Friday: Sons in Their Arms, Daughters on Their Hips

Stand for Israel  |  July 23, 2021
As the Bible foretold the return of Israel's sons and daughters to the Holy Land, here is Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, with his children.
Yocheved Ben-Miriam, Israeli poet (far right)

An Israeli Poet with a Cherished Dream

Stand for Israel  |  July 20, 2021
Born to an orthodox family in turn-of-the-century Belorussia, Yocheved Ben-Miriam fondly wrote of this land of her birth. After studying there and publishing her first book of poetry, Erez (Land), however, Yocheved made aliyah (immigrated) to her true historic and biblical homeland, the Holy Land, in 1926.
Israeli, Palestinian, and Lebanon flags on Israel's border with Lebanon

Lebanese Rockets Strike Israel, IDF Strikes Back

Stand for Israel  |  July 20, 2021
Two rockets were launched from a turbulent Lebanon, most likely by Palestinian terrorists, causing the Israeli military to respond with airstrikes.
National Water Carrier, 1933

Photo Friday: He Gathers the Waters

Stand for Israel  |  July 16, 2021
In this historic Holy Land photo from 1933, we see the creation of Israel's important National Water Carrier, which quenched God's people's thirst.
French Jews like those rescued by hatter Amparo Otero Pappo

A Hatter and Hero of the Holocaust

Stand for Israel  |  July 13, 2021
A hatter originally from Cuba, Amparo Otero moved to Paris where she married a Jewish man, and then saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.
Naomi Shemer receives Israel Prize

First Lady of Israeli Song and Poetry

Stand for Israel  |  July 13, 2021
An Israeli singer and songwriter, Naomi Shemer wrote "Yerushlayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)," which became Israel's unofficial second national anthem after the Six-Day War of 1967.
Name of biblical judge Jerubbaal (Gideon) found on 3,000 year old inscription

Biblical Judge's Name Found on 3,000 Year Old Inscription

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2021
The latest biblical discovery from the Holy Land is the name of Old Testament judge Jerubbaal (or Gideon) found on a 3,000 year old inscription.
Man holds sign at rally against anti-Semitism in Washington, DC, July 11, 2021

Thousands Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2021
Thousands of those who stand for Israel and for the Jewish people came together in America's capital to rally against anti-Semitism.
IDF receive water salute after Surfside rescue work

Salute for Israeli Rescuers at Surfside

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2021
The IDF delegation that helped with search and rescue at the Surfside collapse in Florida received a "water salute" before returning to Israel.

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