Daily Devotionals

We Are Responsible

May 20, 2022
We have no excuse. If we are aware of persecution anywhere in the world at any time, we are responsible.

A Taste of Redemption

May 19, 2022
When we redeem anyone from servitude, we are acting as their personal “redeemer.” In effect, we are giving them a taste of redemption.
A group of people holding the Israeli flag over their heads

Proclaim Liberty for All

May 18, 2022
Freedom is only truly experienced when all are free. So even though only the slaves were technically freed on the jubilee, the entire nation became free along with them. Only then could the people proclaim liberty for all.
Yael Eckstein with girl from Ukrainian Freedom Flight

True Freedom

May 17, 2022
By wiping away our guilt, God gives us a chance to let go of the mistakes of the past and truly start over. This is true freedom.

Shmita: The Sabbatical Year

May 16, 2022
The Bible calls the seventh day “a sabbath to the LORD your God” (Exodus 20:10) because it’s more than a day of rest. It’s a time to acknowledge God’s dominion.

The Greatest Achievement

May 15, 2022
What was Joseph’s greatest achievement? Joseph’s greatest moment came when he refused the advances of his master’s wife.

Seeking Advice Is a Sign of Strength

May 13, 2022
Surely you need guidance to wage war,   and victory is won through many advisers. -
Young girl holding two Israeli flags and celebrating Israel's Independence Day

Count Each Day

May 12, 2022
When we count up the days to the anticipated event, we are adding value and making each day count.
Katerina, Holocaust survivor in Ukraine who is alive thanks to American Chrisians

Give Thanks to God First

May 11, 2022
“Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘When you enter the land I am going to give you 

The Greatest Revelation of God

May 10, 2022
In other words, the miraculous history of the nation of Israel is the greatest revelation of God there is.
Jewish refugee child from flight from Ukraine to Israel, March 6, 2022

Know Who We Are

May 9, 2022
It is so important for us to know who we are so that we can fulfill our life’s mission.

Celebrate the Good with the Bad

May 8, 2022
God wants what is best for us so we can serve Him better. Knowing that everything in our lives is a part of God’s plan helps us celebrate the good with the bad.

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