Daily Devotionals

Yael and daughters usher in Shabbat

Our Rest from the World

October 25, 2022
The Sabbath is more than just putting your feet up and taking a nap. Shabbat is “rest” from the world.
Yael and her family on Shabbat having dinner

Spending Sacred Time Together

October 24, 2022
As a result of being at home, not working, sitting around the Shabbat table and spending that sacred time together, parents and children have stronger relationships.
David is anointed as king

God Is the Father of Success

October 23, 2022
David admitted that without God, he would have failed. He owned failure and proclaimed that God is the Father of our success!
Yael reading to her youngest daughter on Shabbat

Discipline Is the Secret

October 21, 2022
As the writer of Proverbs points out, discipline is the secret to healthy and loving relationships with our children.
Shabbat table

More Than a Holiday

October 20, 2022
Shabbat is much more than a day of rest. To put it another way, Shabbat is more than a holiday. It’s a holy day.
Yael and her daughters on Shabbat

A Sign Between God and Israel

October 19, 2022
It is a sign between God and the people of Israel. This means that Shabbat is the highest expression of the relationship between God and Israel.
Dancing with the Torah scrolls at Simchat Torah

A Powerful Connection to God

October 18, 2022
The traditions of Judaism provide a powerful feeling of connection to God and His people, everywhere, at all times.
Welcoming the sun at dawn

God’s Long Goodbye

October 17, 2022
Another way to say it is that Shemini Atzeret, the Eighth Day, is God’s long goodbye so that He can delight in spending one more day with us!
Old City in Jerusalem Israel

Israel: Our Eternal Home

October 16, 2022
Even though the Israelites would go into exile, God would bring them back. Not to New York and California, but to Carmel and Bashan in Israel. Israel is our eternal homeland.
Yael Eckstein giving needy elderly woman a blanket

An Act of Righteousness

October 14, 2022
Giving charity is primarily an act of righteousness, a sacred obligation. It is a necessary act in our service to God.
Eckstein family on Sukkot

Choose to Be Happy

October 13, 2022
When we adjust our attitude and remember that God provides exactly what we need on our journey, we can rest easy, smile, and choose to be happy.
People standing with Israeli flag

The People of the Bible

October 12, 2022
We don’t need to be envious of the people in Bible. It’s already happening today! We are the people in the Bible.

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