Daily Devotionals

Yael Eckstein embraces elderly Jewish woman

‘Love Mercy’

April 21, 2023
He wants us to “love mercy.” In other words, we aren’t supposed to wait until a person or situation worthy of our mercies happens to come our way. He wants us to be proactive, to be aware and on alert at all times to situations that call out for our help. We are to seek out and pursue mercy whenever possible!
Elderly woman with two canes stands outside with volunteer

Kindness Is Always Repaid

April 20, 2023
Now, because of that kindness, 600,000 people waited respectfully for Miriam so that she would be cared for. No matter how long it may take, kindness is always repaid.
Yael Eckstein delivers Passover food boxes to Holocaust survivors in Israel

Giving Benefits Us

April 19, 2023
What this means is that for the rest of us, giving regularly and generously only benefits us, materially and spiritually.
Yael Eckstein sitting bedside next to a sick elderly Jewish woman.

God's Precious and Holy Souls

April 18, 2023
It is through our treatment of the needy among us that God judges our devotion to Him. That’s why He calls them “my people.”
Elderly woman Tamara and Yael Eckstein

The Greatest Gift

April 17, 2023
We must also pay attention to their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Sometimes, asking for someone else’s help is the greatest gift we can give.
Ornamental set of a throne, canopy, and platform.

God Is on the Throne

April 16, 2023
The LORD examines the righteous,    but the wicked, those who love violence, &n
Yael standing with a child in front of a an Aliyah flight holding an Israeli flag

The Work of Kindness

April 14, 2023
Blessed are those who act justly,    who always do what is right. — Psalm 106:3
Black and white image of several people gathering next to mountains.

The Exodus Story Teaches Compassion

April 13, 2023
More than 3,000 years after our deliverance from Egypt, identification with slavery and the Exodus teaches compassion for those who are needy.
An empty glass sitting on a ledge with a lit up city behind it.

Half-Empty or Half-Full?

April 12, 2023
Next time you spot that proverbial glass of water, don’t see it as half-empty or even as half-full. See it as filling up and believe that it will run over!
Leviticus 6:11–12, scene of the Red Sea at sunrise

Going Against Our Nature

April 11, 2023
We are called at times to go against our nature for a higher purpose. Let us be encouraged to summon our strength and part with our nature if only for a moment.
Yael Eckstein eating with her family during Passover.

A Time for Stepping Out

April 10, 2023
Passover is a time for stepping out in faith. It’s a time for leaving old habits and situations behind in order to make way for something new and better.
Yael Eckstein embraces elderly Jewish woman

The Purpose of Suffering

April 9, 2023
None of us wish suffering on ourselves or anyone else. But the ultimate purpose of suffering is redemption.

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