Daily Devotionals

Elderly woman sitting in a chair under a plaid blanket and wearing mask

God Can Change Our Situation

August 15, 2021
God can change our situation around in just one moment. Life is not stagnant; think of it like a wheel that turns.
Katerina Palamerchuk, age 94, Yael Eckstein kneels in front of and holds hands of elderly woman wearing multiple layers of clothing and yellow scarf on her head,

The Pursuit of Righteousness

August 13, 2021
In other words, the verse is saying that God loves those who not only pursue righteousness themselves, but who also take it a step further. They encourage others to pursue righteousness as well.
David anointed King of Israel at Hebron

What Godly Leadership Looks Like

August 12, 2021
It is to be with him, and he is to read it all the days of his life so that he may learn to re
passover lamb

God Demands Our Best

August 11, 2021
God has no needs. God does not need us to worship Him. But God demands that we give Him our best.
young girl holding red heart in open hands

Bribing Our Hearts

August 10, 2021
Sometimes, overcoming the ways that we bribe our hearts takes courage. It takes self-awareness and honesty.

Protect the ‘Gates’ of Our Souls

August 9, 2021
We must do whatever we can to protect the “gates” of our soul and carefully judge what enters through our eyes and ears.

Asking God For His Sake

August 8, 2021
In other words, we ask God that even if we are undeserving of His provision and deliverance, He might save us for His sake, not our own.
Yael wrapped in Israeli flag, illustrating her leaving the Holy Land to visit America

Every Moment Is a “God Moment”

August 6, 2021
As servants of God, we are duty-bound to retell our “God moments” to other people, to bear witness to the living God acting in our lives.
chest filled with treasure

God’s Treasured Possession

August 5, 2021
God, our king, has protected us and guarded us, only to bring us into the open when the time is right to fulfill our purpose as His "treasured possession."

The Lesson of the Second Tithe

August 4, 2021
The lesson of the Second Tithe is this: God wants to see us happy, and we honor Him not only by worshiping Him, but also by enjoying His blessings.

We Must ‘Seek the Place’

August 3, 2021
God could have told the children of Israel exactly where to build the Temple. Instead, He told them to “seek the place.”
Yael Eckstein spends time with faith and family on beach

God's Expectations for Us

August 2, 2021
Like the loving father that He is, God has confidence in us. He expects us to succeed.

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