Daily Devotionals

Yael visiting recipient girl. Download our complimentary study on David and the Psalms for how Israel's greatest king expressed his deepest emotions to God through his words of thanksgiving, confession, petition, and praise.

Show Gratitude to Everyone

December 29, 2021
When we show gratitude to everyone — and everything — that has blessed us, we become more grateful people and we honor God.
Pharaoh Cobra Headdress | Be a Staff, Not a Snake, Exodus 7:9

Moses’ Faltering Lips

December 28, 2021
In Moses’ mind he had failed to represent God effectively because of the inability to speak, what Moses called his “faltering lips.”
Jewish woman crying tears of relief after being rescued from anti-Semitism

Losing Our Ability to See God’s Plan

December 27, 2021
When life becomes difficult to bear, our vision is narrowed. We lose the ability to see the bigger picture of God’s plan.
Yael Eckstein looking up praying in winter

Have Faith Anyway

December 26, 2021
Even when the situations in our life appear hopeless and we can’t see a way for them to work out, the psalmist encourages us to have faith anyway.

Our Souls Never Die

December 24, 2021
Souls don’t get weaker as they age. They get stronger. And the reason for this is simple: Unlike our bodies, our souls never die.

God Sees the Needs Within Us

December 23, 2021
We may think that what’s bothering us is what we’re praying for, but God sees needs within us that lie beneath the surface even when we don’t.
yom kippur goats

Paving the Path to Redemption

December 22, 2021
During the darkest period of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt, it was the courageous women of Israel who paved the path to redemption.
Yael Eckstein with American flag overlooking Jerusalem, illustrating US-Israel friendship as America prepares to vote

Our Survival Is Supernatural

December 21, 2021
The Jewish people are not governed by a natural power. Our survival is supernatural. The enemies of Israel will not prevail.

These Are the Names!

December 20, 2021
The Jewish people are not governed by a natural power. Our survival is supernatural. The enemies of Israel will not prevail.

Create Moments that Last Forever

December 19, 2021
When we do good deeds and study God’s Word, we create moments that last forever. Most of what we do in our brief lives is gone and meaningless once we leave the world. But our good deeds last forever.
Woman sitting on the ground holding her knees and crying.

Slow Down Your Anger

December 17, 2021
The Bible is telling us that wisdom is the way to slow down our anger, to calm us at those moments when we feel anger inside. Why wisdom?

The Blessing of a Parent’s Rebuke

December 16, 2021
This is part of how we teach our children to be the best people they can be. That is the blessing of a parent’s rebuke.

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