Daily Devotionals

Yael Eckstein smiling at elderly Jewish woman who's kissing her hand.

The Miracles in Our Lives

August 25, 2023
By lighting the fire, the priests were demonstrating that while they fully relied upon God, they didn’t take His miracles for granted.
The sun coming through the clouds right at sunrise.

Miracles Every Morning

August 24, 2023
David understood that God was working miracles every morning in his life every time he woke up. If God could perform a miracle on that level daily, David had no doubt that God could—and would—deliver him with more miracles throughout the day.
Gold coins found by IAA, August 2020

Become Gold

August 23, 2023
We may not enjoy them as much, but that doesn’t mean they are any less miraculous. And like Job says, when we pass our tests, we don’t just win the gold; we become gold.
Pharaoh Cobra Headdress | Be a Staff, Not a Snake, Exodus 7:9

We Are Simply a Staff

August 22, 2023
Man is not God; we are simply a staff—a tool in His hand. No matter how impressive today’s achievements may appear, we cannot be fooled by modern magic.
elderly Jewish woman who the Fellowship blessed in 2020, ifcj year in photos

We Should Never Give Up

August 21, 2023
We should never give up hope. No matter how bleak things seem, we can always change our ways and pray to God, and in doing so, we may be able to change our fate.
Elderly woman with two canes stands outside with volunteer

In Just One Instant

August 20, 2023
Let’s remember that anything can change for us in just one instant. God is already at work behind the scenes.
Elderly woman clasping hands and looking up

The Power of Sincere Prayer

August 18, 2023
These scenarios teach us about the power of sincere prayer. They truly believed that God ran the world and their prayers mattered.
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews logo

Our Sacred Sanctuaries

August 17, 2023
When Solomon dedicated the Temple, he laid the foundations for our sacred sanctuaries that connect us to the Master of the Universe and each other.
Elderly man in white robe looking down at book beside window.

Pray for Our Enemies

August 16, 2023
so pursue them with your tempest     and terrify them with your storm.Cover the
Yael praying at the Western Wall

Our Prayers Are the Key

August 15, 2023
These stories teach us that even when something is promised to us, we still have to pray for God’s promises.
Moses views Promised Land

A Place of Humility

August 14, 2023
David was clearly not poor, but like Moses, he turned to God from a place of humility, begging God to hear his prayer out of grace.

God Is in Nature

August 13, 2023
God communicates with the world through natural phenomena. God is in nature, so we had better pay attention.

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