Daily Devotionals

Engraving of Moses with his arms up and God above him.

Hallmark of a Great Leader

February 21, 2023
But true humility is being able to move aside peacefully and joyfully so others can have their moment. This is also the hallmark of any great leader.
Yael Eckstein and Bishop Lanier, who together with The Fellowship bless God's people

Leading with Love

February 20, 2023
Deborah led her husband to a position of respect and success without putting him down or making him feel bad. She is the model for leading with love and encouragement.
Yael smiling with a young girl

Greater Than Material Blessings

February 19, 2023
When we have faith and trust in God, we realize that what we get from the relationship is so much greater than any material blessings.
Students carrying the Toah

The Source of Our Authority

February 17, 2023
God wanted to ensure that the king never forgot the source of his authority, namely, God’s law in the Torah.
Rabbi Eckstein blessing Yael while in Jerusalem.

Contributions That Last Forever

February 16, 2023
When we keep God’s light burning and pass on our faith, those are contributions that last forever.
Israeli students seen on the first day of school

Builders of the Future

February 15, 2023
When we teach our children to know God, they become builders. They will build our legacy, and they will be the builders of the future.
teaching children at Tivka Childrens home

We Are Part of the Story

February 14, 2023
We aren’t spectators in God’s plan for history. We are called to see ourselves as part of the story, and to pass that on to the next generation.

The Potential for Greatness

February 13, 2023
Ruth, a poor Moabite widow who had immigrated to Israel only a few months before, had the potential for greatness, just like Rachel and Leah.
Yael smiling with elderly woman in Ukraine

The God of Mercy

February 12, 2023
David’s response is that while it may be true based on pure justice that he is not worthy of God’s help, the LORD — the God of mercy — will save him.
Yael smiling with hand on chest

Embrace Our Legacy

February 10, 2023
It is so important for a us to know who we are and embrace our legacy so that we can fulfill our life’s mission.
Yael embracing an elderly Jewish woman in need.

Remembering Past Hardships

February 9, 2023
Remembering our past hardships as an inspiration to do acts of love and kindness is a mandate right there in the Bible.
Yael Eckstein and children on beach, contemplative ahead of High Holy Days

A Legacy of Faith

February 8, 2023
When we pass along the legacy of faith through our daily conversations with our children, through our actions and our deeds, we have a much greater impact.

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