Daily Devotionals

Parting the Red Sea

God Parts the Sea Every Day

August 29, 2021
The truth is that God didn’t just part the sea once thousands of years ago. God parts the sea every single day.

The Wisdom of Humility

August 27, 2021
Humility literally “comes before” honor because it leads to it. That’s the wisdom of humility!
idol of the golden calf

The Higher Purpose of God’s Blessings

August 26, 2021
God blesses us so that we will “obey the LORD your God” and grow more and more in our lives of faith. That is the higher purpose of God’s blessings.

God Is a Faithful King

August 25, 2021
The sages explained that when we say “amen”, what we are really saying is, “God is a faithful king.” God is in control.

Every Day Is Unique and Special

August 24, 2021
“This very day” means that today is not just any day. Today is THE day, unique and special in its own right.

A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

August 23, 2021
As people of faith, we celebrate both — old and new, ancient and future — in this land “flowing with milk and honey” that God calls His own.

How to Truly Know God

August 22, 2021
If we take the time to seek God, we will find Him and come to truly know Him — in a way that profoundly affects our lives.
Olim family eating dinner around round table

Life Can Be a Continual Feast

August 20, 2021
The life of an oppressed person is dominated by pain and suffering, but if one keeps a positive attitude, then life can be a “continual feast.”
marriage, wedding couple

Building Strong Marriages

August 19, 2021
Without building strong marriages, we won’t have strong families. And strong families are the building blocks of God’s kingdom here on earth.

The Godly Power of Speech

August 18, 2021
Every act of God fulfilled a commitment that God first made. When He created Adam and Eve, God created the only beings in all of Creation that share this godly power of speech.

God ‘Moves About in Your Camp’

August 17, 2021
Rather, God actually “moves about in your camp.” It is as though the Bible is placing God right there with the soldiers
A poor elderly woman of Israel in need. Give Blessings Each Month

Seeing the Needs of Others

August 16, 2021
The difference between helping when asked and taking initiative is not just a matter of being reactive versus proactive. It’s a fundamentally different way of seeing the needs of others.

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