Daily Devotionals

‘Pile Up’ Our Burdens on God

September 10, 2021
But when we feel overwhelmed and turn to God with our “pile” of burdens, God has a way of clearing up our confusion, of settling our minds so that we can focus on the mission that He has given us.
Mose views Promised Land

A Great Perspective for the Future

September 9, 2021
As the Jewish people just began a new year on the biblical calendar, it is a time to reflect on what we have been through and to gain perspective for the future.
The Sacrifice of Isaac

When God Tests Us

September 8, 2021
When He tests us, it isn’t because He wants to learn something about us. It’s because He wants us to learn something about ourselves.

What We Remember on Rosh Hashanah

September 7, 2021
Yet for this observance, the Bible tells us that we must remember on Rosh Hashanah, but it doesn’t tell us what to remember.

Rosh Hashanah: A Day of Judgment

September 6, 2021
Rosh Hashanah is the day when God, our King, sits in judgment over the entire world. Our New Year is actually a Day of Judgment.
Judean desert landscape

Remember God’s Faithfulness and Miracles

September 5, 2021
The key to staying strong in faith and obedience is to remember God’s faithfulness and miracles in the past and believe wholeheartedly that they can occur in the present.

Angels in the Lives of Others

September 3, 2021
It may be because He’s using us as angels in the lives of others, carrying out a mission in His plan for someone else.
praying hands over the Bible

The Word of God Is for Everyone

September 2, 2021
Everyone can feel at home reading the Bible. Everyone can understand it in their own way. The Word of God is for everyone.

Modern Israel Is Biblical Too

September 1, 2021
The traffic you sat in and the tall buildings you see around you in downtown Tel Aviv — modern Israel — is part of the biblical story too.
Yael Eckstein spends time with faith and family on beach

The Lineage Begins with Us

August 31, 2021
The seeds that we plant in our own relationship to God will bear fruit for generations to come. The lineage begins with us.

The Lesson of Water and Trees

August 30, 2021
In order to live wise, godly lives, we need to remember the lesson of water and trees.
Parting the Red Sea

God Parts the Sea Every Day

August 29, 2021
The truth is that God didn’t just part the sea once thousands of years ago. God parts the sea every single day.

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