Daily Devotionals

woman praying at the Western Wall

Fear God More Than People

March 10, 2023
True devotion to God requires that we overcome our fear of human beings in favor of our fear of God. As the rabbi instructed his students, we must all fear God more than people.
Close up of text in the Bible. The Book of Esther.

Hidden from Our View

March 9, 2023
The message of Esther assures us that God is just as active, controlling every detail of our world, even when He keeps Himself hidden from our view.
Two women dressed up in Purim costumes.

Mark Moments of Blessings

March 8, 2023
Jewish tradition encourages us to mark these moments of blessing on our calendars to be celebrated in years to come.

Risking Their Lives for Others

March 7, 2023
But they saw they had an opportunity to make a difference, and they seized the moment and acted, risking their lives for others.
Yael Eckstein kneels in front of and holds hands of elderly woman wearing multiple layers of clothing and yellow scarf on her head,

Defeating the Doubts

March 6, 2023
We defeat the doubts in our lives by strengthening our faith, by reminding ourselves that God is intimately involved in every aspect of life, that there are no coincidences.
An image of stars against a pink and purple sky.

Becoming Supernatural

March 5, 2023
The message of Psalm 6 is that no matter our natural weaknesses, by drawing closer to God, we become supernatural.
David is anointed as king

King David Lives Forever!

March 3, 2023
Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness—   and I will not lie to David—that his lin
Yael smiling with a young girl

A Positive Sign to Others

March 2, 2023
Ezekiel’s lesson is that the best way to inspire others to improve their ways is by being a positive sign to them and setting a positive example for them.
Two little girls hugging each other

Allow Others to Shine

March 1, 2023
As an independent nation in their own land, they needed Joshua, a leader who allowed others to shine, as well.
Yael joyfully smiling with elderly woman holding a food box

Lead from Our Experiences

February 28, 2023
We are all leaders and we all have the ability to lead from our experiences. We lead in our families, in our communities, and at work. We all have valuable life experiences that can help others in similar situations. Every challenge we’ve been through makes us better suited to lead others.
Rabbi Eckstein praying over his daughter while Jerusalem is in the background.

Our True Calling

February 27, 2023
Our true calling as people of faith is to serve God — to make an offering to Him — every day, morning and evening.
Yael Eckstein praying at the Western Wall

God Hears It All

February 26, 2023
God hears all of it — our words, our thoughts, and our emotions. Whether your prayer is expressed spontaneously or from words written centuries ago, God hears you.

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