Daily Devotionals

People praying in the streets to the Western Wall in Jerusalem during Yom Kippur

Where Are You Spiritually?

September 12, 2023
His question was really, “Where are you spiritually? Have you noticed that you have strayed from me?”
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Planting Seeds of Good Thoughts

September 11, 2023
Judaism has a saying: “Our first thoughts decide the end results.” Our thoughts at the beginning of a something new impact how things will unfold.
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Ride the Wave of Faith

September 10, 2023
When we trust in God through difficulties, even tragedies, we will ride the wave that could have otherwise knocked us down.
Close up image of a man in white blowing a shofar.

The Throne of Mercy

September 8, 2023
According to tradition, when the shofar, the ritual trumpet, is sounded in the synagogue, God gets up from the throne of judgment and sits down on the throne of compassion and mercy.
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Have a Good and Sweet Year

September 7, 2023
The traditional Rosh Hashanah greeting is actually Shanah Tovah U’metuka, which means, “Have a good and sweet year.” That is my wish for us all.
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After the Miracle

September 6, 2023
When we receive a miracle in our lives, we can’t simply move on like nothing happened. We must remember and express our gratitude.
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God Makes a Path for Us

September 5, 2023
Rest assured that God is still splitting the sea for us today, just as He did thousands of years ago.
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Remembering the Miracles

September 4, 2023
The key to strengthening our faith is remembering the miracles God has performed for us in the past and truly believing He will do so again.
Holding a bible at the Western Wall

The Most Important Prayer

September 3, 2023
The most important prayer of the faithful is for everything—all the results that we want to see in our lives—even a bathroom when we need one!
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God’s Basic Miracles

September 1, 2023
When we learn how to cultivate gratitude for God’s basic miracles in life, we have achieved the highest level of spiritual greatness.
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Overcoming Our Human Nature

August 31, 2023
God’s miracles overturn the laws of nature. Perhaps it is no less miraculous that when we keep God’s law, it overcomes our own human nature.
Sarah and Hagar

The Miracle of Hope

August 30, 2023
When we hold onto the simple faith that anything is possible, God will hear our cries and make miracles. That is the miracle of hope.

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