Daily Devotionals

Serve God with Our True Essence

March 8, 2022
We must serve God with our own true essence. Our worship must be “salted” to bring out our unique gifts. Honey, which masks and conceals, should have no place in our relationship with God.
Yael Eckstein delivers High Holy Days food box

Draw Close to God by Giving

March 7, 2022
Just as God cares for the widow and the orphan, so must we. In other words, we draw close to God by giving to others.

God’s Wonderful World

March 6, 2022
Indeed, God created an amazing and diverse world for us to live in that reveals intelligence beyond our comprehension. God’s wonderful world is certainly worth celebrating!
Yael Eckstein delivers Passover food boxes to Holocaust survivors in Israel

Rich and Poor Meet Together

March 4, 2022
Perhaps this is one of God’s purposes for the charity that He calls us to give, to bring the giver and the needy, for the “rich and poor to meet together” in closer bonds of friendship and love.

A Testimony of God’s Covenant

March 3, 2022
The purpose of the tablets was to serve as physical evidence of our encounter and relationship with God, a testimony of God’s covenant.

Only One True Purpose

March 2, 2022
The tachash, whose only purpose seemingly was to cover the Tabernacle, reminded all who saw it that there is only one true purpose for all things: the glory of God.

Because He Said So

March 1, 2022
They made everything exactly as God wanted it, because that is what He told them to do. This obedience to God’s instructions was a sign of their love and devotion. Because He said so.

We All Have an Equal Role

February 28, 2022
The 100 talents of silver were used to cast the bases for the sanctuary and for the curtain—

See Each Other Through God’s Eyes

February 27, 2022
We must learn to see each other through God’s eyes — with empathy, understanding, and love. With that kind of perspective, we can do more good than harm.

The Victory of God Is Assured

February 25, 2022
As people of biblical faith, that although we don’t know how everything will play out in the end, the victory of God is assured.

The Secret of Jewish Survival

February 24, 2022
The Torah goes with us wherever we go. That is the secret of Jewish survival.

Standing Firm Like Bronze

February 23, 2022
In a life of faith, we may be called upon to stand firm in the face of challenges to our values. That is when we must stand firm and unyielding like bronze.

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