Daily Devotionals

Woman in the field rejoicing

Thank God for Every Breath

November 22, 2022
When we can thank God for every breath, we can be grateful for everything.
dawn of a new day

God’s Name Is Peace

November 21, 2022
This is the goal of everything God told us in the Bible, everything He told us about who He is. Peace is God’s name.
Jewish woman crying tears of relief after being rescued from anti-Semitism

Taming Our Fears

November 20, 2022
A maskil of David. When he was in the cave. A prayer.I cry aloud to the LORD;&n
Yael smiling and embracing her family during Passover.

The Key to a Godly Society

November 18, 2022
Respect for parents is not only about family relationships — it’s the key to a healthy, godly, compassionate society.
A group of people holding the Israeli flag over their heads

Fight for a Higher Peace

November 17, 2022
My peace-loving father needed to be tough and to fight for what he knew was the will of God. He used to say that sometimes we need to fight in this world so that we can achieve a higher peace.
Giving Tuesday-Yael Eckstein gives food box to elderly Jewish woman.

Act with Righteousness

November 16, 2022
We must act with righteousness. Every act of righteousness brings the world one step closer to being repaired, to being whole.
group of people standing in unity

There Is Strength in Unity

November 15, 2022
As the old farmer tried to teach his sons, there is strength in unity. And the greater the unity, the greater the strength.
Fellowship volunteer hugging elderly woman

For the Sake of Shalom

November 14, 2022
If God can let His honor be diminished for the sake of shalom, so can we. For the sake of peace, we can be the first to speak and the first to say I’m sorry.
Yael and grateful elderyly woman

Accept Criticism with Gratitude

November 13, 2022
A person who is wise and knows that he can only benefit from learning how he can be better will accept criticism with gratitude.
Stacked up coins

Facing Our Spiritual Challenges

November 11, 2022
The answer to our spiritual challenges that come from whatever financial situation we are in is to recognize that what we have or lack is God’s will, His decree.
Adult men hugging

Embracing Our Differences

November 10, 2022
Appreciate the unique contribution that each of us brings to God’s kingdom. Embracing our differences leads the way to true peace.
Earth in the shape of a heart

God’s Perfect Peace

November 9, 2022
What Isaiah is teaching us is that when we put our full trust in God, the peace that we feel in our hearts is not going to end. It is God’s perfect peace.

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