Daily Devotionals

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God’s Perfect Peace

November 9, 2022
What Isaiah is teaching us is that when we put our full trust in God, the peace that we feel in our hearts is not going to end. It is God’s perfect peace.
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For the Sake of Peace

November 8, 2022
If Aaron was able to sacrifice truth for the sake of peace, shalom, how much more so must we stay away from compromising shalom for the sake of truth?
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The Pathway to Peace

November 7, 2022
Most people think that the pathway to peace with our enemies is to appease them and win them over. But the Bible teaches otherwise; if we want peace, we need to please God.
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Guard Our Tongues

November 6, 2022
One who holds back from speaking words of gossip or slander earns a spiritual reward beyond comprehension.
Prayerful Yael Eckstein illustrates power of saying

God’s Word Gives Us Clarity

November 4, 2022
No matter how much change we see around us, God’s Word gives us clarity. We must stand in our faith and allow God’s word to guide us.
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Prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem

November 3, 2022
Prayers for Jerusalem are for all who yearn to worship God in His house and call on His name. Prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are prayers for His kingdom here on earth.
A devout man wearing a prayer shawl points to the Torah, the Word of God.

Refuge in the Words of God

November 2, 2022
When the storm is raging around us, we can take refuge in the words of our God.
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Greater Than Anything Money Can Buy

November 1, 2022
Good relationships with our loved ones are far greater than anything that money can buy.
Yael praying at Shabbat dinner

The Sabbath Is Our Day of Peace

October 31, 2022
As the traditional Sabbath greeting says, Shabbat shalom, a “Sabbath of peace.” The Sabbath is our day of peace.
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There Is Nowhere to Run

October 30, 2022
God is always watching what we do – both the good and the bad. There is nowhere to run, no place to hide.
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Limits on Our Free Will

October 28, 2022
Many seek an audience with a ruler,    but it is from the LORD that one gets justice
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Who We Really Are

October 27, 2022
Which is why it’s so important that we remind ourselves who we really are, who we are before God, who we are in our families.

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