Sarah – Our Matriarch of Faith

Black and white cartoon of two characters kneeling down praying.

Every Friday night, I bless my daughters, asking that God will make them like Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah — the four Matriarchs of the nation of Israel and spiritual mothers to all people of faith.

Why? Because our daughters and granddaughters have the potential to become like them. Every Matriarch made a significant spiritual contribution that helped form the character of the nation of Israel. Each Matriarch serves as an inspiring role model for all.

When we bless our daughters to be like the Matriarchs, we are praying to God that our daughters and granddaughters will absorb the outstanding qualities that encompassed the lives of these women. Over the next four months, we will study the underlying characteristics of each of the Matriarchs through lessons not only for our daughters and granddaughters, but for all people of faith.

In this month’s Limmud, we begin with the first Matriarch, Sarah. It is my hope that as we deeply study Sarah – her character, her flaws, and her triumphs – you will be inspired and learn new lessons to integrate into your own life.

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