Noah: A Covenant with Humanity

Rainbow in the sky, a la Noah and the Ark
(Photo: wikicommons)

We continue our study of the covenants God made—both with individuals and with the nation of Israel—by looking at the very first time the word brit, Hebrew for “covenant,” appears in the Bible.

Our Fellowship Study this month focuses on the covenant between God and Noah, known as the Noahic Covenant. While often overlooked, this covenant is crucial to both the Jewish and Christian faiths, as it is both binding today for all humanity as well as the foundational building block for all other covenants that follow.

In our study, we will learn about why God chose Noah to assume this important role as the “second father” of all humanity. We’ll take a closer look at the covenant itself and its repercussions, as well as the significance of the rainbow that was chosen as an eternal sign of this agreement.

Join us as we explore the meaning of the covenant in Noah’s time and the significance of this binding agreement with God in our world today.

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