Rebekah: Our Matriarch of Strength

Black and white illustration of a man and woman holding a pitcher.

In the beginning of Genesis 24, after the Matriarch Sarah had passed away and Abraham was well advanced in age, Abraham charged his servant to find a wife for Isaac. This was quite a challenge; the woman would have to be right for Isaac and also worthy of becoming the second Matriarch of Israel. She would have to fill Sarah’s shoes and make her own unique contribution to the nation of Israel. After much prayer and a cleverly devised test, the servant found Rebekah and knew immediately that there was something special about her.

In this month’s Limmud, we will study Rebekah’s character and her life story as recorded in the Bible. We will discover why Rebekah was chosen to enter the family of Abraham, what we can learn from her, and what she contributed to Israel — and to us— as a lasting legacy.

Join us as we continue our enlightening and inspiring series on the Four Matriarchs of the Torah.

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