Abraham: Our Patriarch of Loving-kindness

Abraham adorando a los tres ángeles

If I had to choose one human being who revolutionized the world more than any other person did, I would choose Abraham.

Although his belief in one God who is Father of us all—monotheism—was not widely recognized during his lifetime, Abraham’s ideals and values form the basis of the civilized world today. Abraham was the first of the avot, the patriarchs. The word avot can also mean “archetype,” and each of the three fathers—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—serve as a model for the nation of Israel and for us. Abraham, as the first of the fathers, is also the foundation of our nation.

In this month’s Fellowship Study, we will discover the life, the legacy, and the loving-kindness of this monumental figure and consider how we can become more like Abraham in our own lives.

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