Leah: Our Matriarch of Prayer

Black and white drawing of a man reaching out towards a woman who's bent down.

Leah, the fourth and final matriarch of the Jewish Bible, is often referred to as the unexpected matriarch. Jacob discovered that Leah had become his wife the morning after they had already been married, thanks to the trickery of Laban. As scripture tells us, “When morning came, there was Leah!” (Genesis 29:25). This is why there are three patriarchs — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — but four matriarchs.

As we will learn this month, Leah’s contribution to the story of Israel and her people is indispensable. What she added to the spiritual DNA of the nation is as important and significant as what the other matriarchs and patriarchs contributed. Leah completes the picture. Join us in this month’s Limmud study as we discover the unique qualities of Leah and learn the timeless lessons from her life.

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