Israel Under Partial Lockdown

Stand for Israel  |  March 17, 2020

The crossing gate between the Israeli occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem and Jerusalem remains closed on March 6, 2020, following a lockdown on the biblical city, after the first Palestinian cases of the deadly coronavirus were discovered there. - The Palestinian government announced a month-long state of emergency late on March 5, 2020 after seven COVID-19 cases were identified, while the Israeli defence ministry said it had imposed emergency measures on Bethlehem, with all people "forbidden from entering or leaving the city". (Photo by Musa AL SHAER / AFP) (Photo by MUSA AL SHAER/AFP via Getty Images)

Since the coronavirus epidemic began its worldwide spread and morphed into a pandemic, Israel has been one of the nations at the forefront of curtailing the virus’ movement. Our friends at The Times of Israel report that the Israeli government has now instated a partial lockdown, asking all Israelis not to leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary:

The announcement Tuesday afternoon was part of a package of further sweeping and dramatic new restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and brings Israel a step closer to a full closure.

The public was instructed not to go out to parks, playgrounds, the beach, pools, libraries, museums or other public places, the ministry said. Exceptions were permissible for taking out children and pets — in accordance with instructions for maintaining hygiene and limiting social contact.

Among other measures: suspension of elective surgeries, cancellation of non-urgent dental treatments, and an instruction for deliveries to be left outside customers’ doors.

Police were not currently being asked to enforce these instructions, Hebrew media said. Rather, the public was expected to obey them…

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