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As terrorist rockets rain down on Israel, the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews donates new emergency control unit to Ashkelon

August 9, 2022
JERUSALEM — As Gaza-based terror groups fired more than a thousand rockets at Israeli towns in recent days, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) donated a new mobile emergency control unit to the city of Ashkelon.

Christian-funded charity responds to humanitarian needs during Israel-Palestinian conflict

May 17, 2021
Due to continued rocket attacks across central and southern Israel, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), the largest Christian-funded provider of security and humanitarian aid in Israel, increased aid to affected citizens waiting out the conflict.

The Fellowship adds new mobile bomb shelters in the heavily bombarded City of Ashkelon in Israel

May 13, 2021
JERUSALEM — In response to the conflict in Israel this week, the International Fellowship of Chris

As the threat of terrorist arson attacks looms, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews secures vulnerable Israeli communities

March 25, 2021
With terrorists armed with incendiary devices threatening Israel and her people, The Fellowship is there to help with security and safety.

Fact Sheet

Several people running to a bomb shelter while under red alert.
The threat of war and terrorism are daily facts of life in Israel. The Fellowship supports Israelis, as well as Jewish communities around the world, by providing both material and psychological support. In this way, The Fellowship forms a vital line of defense that helps Jewish communities not just survive, but thrive.


Yael looking forward while standing next to soldiers holding the Israeli flag.
Men entering in a house that's been damaged by natural causes.
Man, next to an IFCJ sign explaining emergency kits for the military.
Kids walking towards an open bomb shelter.
3 people pushing a medical cart with an elderly Jewish person on it.
Several people running to a bomb shelter while under red alert.
Yael spending time in the South after rocket attacks.
Yael standing in a home that was damaged by a rocket.
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