As terrorist rockets rain down on Israel, the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews donates new emergency control unit to Ashkelon

August 9, 2022

JERUSALEM As Gaza-based terror groups fired more than a thousand rockets at Israeli towns in recent days, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) donated a new mobile emergency control unit to the city of Ashkelon, which lies just 8 miles north of the Gaza Strip and is a frequent terrorist target.

The unit is designed to enable Ashkelon city officials to manage emergency operations from various points throughout the city as needs arise. In the last decade, The Fellowship has invested more than $26 million to strengthen communities in southern Israel that lie in the line of fire.

The unit will help facilitate communications and operations, and is outfitted with lighting, engineering, and computer systems, as well as emergency response equipment.

With Operation Breaking Dawn – Israel’s response to the latest round of violence aimed at Israeli civilians by Islamic Jihad terrorists – The Fellowship expedited delivery of the mobile unit.

“As we once again witness the onslaught of attacks from Gaza directed at Israeli civilians, we know that we must always be prepared to increase our efforts to protect and defend Israel’s home front,” said The Fellowship’s President and CEO Yael Eckstein. “This new emergency control unit will allow Ashkelon’s mayor and his deputies to effectively and quickly coordinate a response in times of crisis. We know it will help save lives, and we thank our many supporters around the world whose generosity and love for Israel helps ensure the safety of our country and its people. It’s so inspiring to see that Israel is not alone – we have millions of Christian and Jewish friends who stand with us.”