Facts About Security

July 12, 2022

The threat of war and terrorism are daily facts of life in Israel. The Fellowship supports Israelis, as well as Jewish communities around the world, by providing both material and psychological support. In this way, The Fellowship forms a vital line of defense that helps Jewish communities not just survive, but thrive.  

The Fellowship provides emergency equipment for Israel’s first responders, builds and reinforces bomb shelters, provides medical equipment to hospitals, and finances help for victims of terror. In wartime, we act quickly to meet the needs of Israelis in the line of fire and help victims heal from physical and emotional trauma. And year round we offer material and emotional support to Israel’s soldiers, who stand at the front lines defending the Jewish state. 

As Jewish communities around the world struggle against rising anti-Semitism, The Fellowship aids synagogues, Jewish schools, and other institutions around the world, providing funds that allow them to add security guards and sophisticated security systems.  

What We Provide

Security assistance:

  • Training for first responders 
  • Placement of mobile bomb shelters 
  • Fortification of trauma centers 
  • Flak jackets and other protective equipment for first responders
  • Funding for security infrastructure for synagogues, Jewish schools, and other Jewish institutions in Israel and worldwide 

Rehabilitation of soldiers and citizens: 

  • Recreational rehabilitation activities for soldiers suffering from PTSD 
  • Food for Israelis in times of conflict
  • Entertainment activity kits for children in bomb shelters in times of conflict 

Assistance to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers: 

  • Emergency fund for basic needs for soldiers and their families 
  • Food cards for soldiers and their families
  • Care packages for hospitalized soldiers