Press Facts

Zoya, elderly woman, sits on a bed with Yael Eckstein holding menorah and candles next to a white box with the IFCJ logo printed on it.

Facts About the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the leading nonprofit building bridges between Christians and Jews, blessing Israel and the Jewish people around the world with humanitarian care and lifesaving aid.

Facts About Poverty

Poverty is a serious problem in Israel. A study found that about 2 million people in Israel, including more than a million children, live in poverty. Another showed that Israel has the highest rate of poverty among developed nations. And in the countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU), many people live in a level of poverty that it is difficult for us to imagine.

Facts About Security

The threat of war and terrorism are daily facts of life in Israel. The Fellowship supports Israelis, as well as Jewish communities around the world, by providing both material and psychological support. In this way, The Fellowship forms a vital line of defense that helps Jewish communities not just survive, but thrive.

Facts About Yael Eckstein

As President and CEO of The Fellowship, Yael Eckstein oversees all ministry programs and serves as the international spokesperson for the organization.
Two IFCJ staff members in masks and gloves stand in the street carrying a food box

Crisis Response Facts

In times of crisis – whether in Israel, the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world – The Fellowship is on the ground, providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable Jewish communities we serve. The Fellowship efficiently and effectively delivers aid to people when they need it most through our extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers.
Elderly woman wearing white headscarf and shawl waves flag of Israel standing in front of an airplane

Aliyah Facts

The Fellowship has supported aliyah for decades. Since the organization’s founding in 1983, The Fellowship has helped more than 760,000 Jews find the promise of new life in Israel. Once in Israel, these olim (immigrants) are given the chance - some for the first time in their lives - to live freely as Jews.

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