Aliyah Facts

June 7, 2022

Aliyah is the Hebrew word used to describe immigration to Israel. Aliyah is critical both to giving the promise of new life to individuals living in poverty and oppression, and to strengthening the Jewish state as a whole.

The Fellowship has supported aliyah for decades. Since the organization’s founding in 1983, The Fellowship has helped more than 760,000 Jews find the promise of new life in Israel. Once in Israel, these olim (immigrants) are given the chance — some for the first time in their lives — to live freely as Jews.

When war broke out in Ukraine, we increased our aliyah from the region with emergency flights to rescue Ukrainian Jews in immediate danger. We bring Jews from France, who are seeking refuge from the rising anti-Semitism in Europe. We bring Jews from Ethiopia, descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel, to the Holy Land. There is hardly anywhere in the globe that has not been touched by these efforts. Once they arrive, The Fellowship’s klitah (resettlement) assistance gives them the tools and resources they need to become full, productive citizens in their new home.


  • Flights bringing olim (immigrants) to Israel from 30 countries, including emergency flights for Ukrainian Jews caught in the current war 


  • Help with arranging housing upon arrival
  • Financial grants to start their new lives 
  • Aid fund for olim in need or distress 
  • Absorption seminars providing information about employment, housing, and education 
  • Job and vocational training 
  • Hebrew language lessons
  • Food and other essentials for the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Passover 
  • Courses for young olim to prepare them for service in the Israel Defense Forces 
  • Summer camps for children with Hebrew classes and activities