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Project Spotlight: Defibrillators and Emergency Vehicles

The Fellowship  |  August 17, 2021
President and CEO Yael Eckstein shares more about Fellowship projects that help Israeli first responders during emergencies.
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Ukrainian farmers who hid Jews in haystack during Holocaust

18 Months Hiding in a Haystack

Stand for Israel  |  August 16, 2021
This is the story of a farming couple who sheltered a Jewish family for a year and a half - in a haystack - saving them from certain death.
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Robin Van Etten and Yael Eckstein, leaders of ANA Organization of the Year, The Fellowship

The Fellowship Named 'Organization of the Year'

The Fellowship  |  August 16, 2021
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) was recently selected as “Or
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Wildfires in Israel, August 2021

Wildfires Threaten Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  August 16, 2021
To the south of the Holy City, homes have been evacuated and roads have been closed as wildfires threaten Jerusalem.
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Yael Eckstein delivers Fellowship food box to elderly woman in Israel

Leading The Fellowship, Helping God's People

The Fellowship  |  August 13, 2021
The Washington Times profiles Yael Eckstein - who stepped into her father's shoes to help the Jewish people on behalf of Christians around the world.
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Jerusalem's Great Synagogue, provided with defibrillators by The Fellowship

Defibrillators for Jerusalem's Great Synagogue

The Fellowship  |  August 13, 2021
The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem is the first of the Holy City's houses of worship outfitted with defibrillators thanks to The Fellowship.
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10 of the Best Underground Attractions in Israel

The Fellowship  |  August 13, 2021
Our friends at Israel21c share the best tunnels and underground sightseeing in Israel!
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Workers make sweet treats at candy factory in Ramat Gan, Israel, 1938

Photo Friday: Something Sweet

Stand for Israel  |  August 13, 2021
Workers in a candy factory in Ramat Gan in 1938 create sweet treats for the people of the Holy Land, a full decade before Israel won her sweet independence.
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Israeli Research Suggests New Path to Predict and Prevent Cancer Relapses

The Fellowship  |  August 12, 2021
Israeli researchers constantly discover new ways to advance the medical field. Learn more about a new path to prevent cancer relapse.
Stand For Israel Blog
Desert Eagle - with USAF and IAF, August 2021

Desert Eagle - The US and Israel Share the Skies

Stand for Israel  |  August 12, 2021
In a new, first-of-its-kind aerial drill, pilots from the Israeli Air Force and the United States flew together in the latest showing of friendship.
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Faces of The Fellowship: Yevhen Makes Aliyah From Ukraine

The Fellowship  |  August 12, 2021
Learn more about Yevhen and his family's journey from Ukraine to the Holy Land , made possible thanks to our wonderful supporters!
Yael's Holy Land Reflections
Yael Eckstein takes walk with family on beach in Israel

How to Walk with God

Yael Eckstein  |  August 10, 2021
People of faith often say they are “walking with God,” but have you ever wondered what that really means? Explore with Yael what it means to “walk in God’s ways.”

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