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10 Things About Israel

Stand for Israel  |  April 24, 2023
In honor of Israel's Memorial Day and Independence Day, we share with you 10 things that you might not know about Israel!
Stand For Israel Blog terror, Jerusalem, Holy Land, Israel, car-ramming

At Least Six Wounded in Car-Ramming Attack in Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  April 24, 2023
A recent car-ramming attack has left six injured in the Holy Land just ahead of Yom HaZikaron, which is Israel’s Memorial Day.
Stand For Israel Blog Abba Kovner during Israeli War of Independence

To Our Last Breath

Stand for Israel  |  April 24, 2023
A man who would go on to be one of Israel's most beloved sons first inspired the Jewish people during the darkest days of the Holocaust.
Stand For Israel Blog Gida Judelevitch, a Jewish girl saved during the Holocaust by Righteous Binkis family

The Jewish Hotel

Stand for Israel  |  April 17, 2023
Lithuanian writer Kazys Binkis and his family risked their own lives to turn their home into a place of refuge for Jews during the Holocaust.
Stand For Israel Blog Mount Gerizim, where Abraham offered Isaac and was blessed by God

Photo Friday: I Will Surely Bless You

Stand for Israel  |  April 14, 2023
The sight from Mount Gerizim, where Abraham offered his son Isaac, and where God blessed Abraham and his descendants, Israel.
Stories Emma, an elderly Holocaust survivor who spent childhood in hiding receives food box from The Fellowship

'I Didn't Have a Childhood'

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2023
Your love means so much to this Holocaust survivor who spent three years of her childhood hiding from the Nazis.
Fellowship Blog matzah, factory, Passover, Ukraine

From Israel With Love: Ukrainian Immigrant's Matzah-Making Mission for Jewish Communities in Need

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2023
Alina is a Ukrainian olim who we helped make aliyah… and now she is in Israel, making matzah for Passover to ship back to her former Ukrainian community!
Stand For Israel Blog rockets, rocket fall, mobile bomb shelter

After Rocket Fire in Israel's North, The Fellowship Builds New Shelters

Stand for Israel  |  April 11, 2023
The Fellowship is on the ground protecting all those who need it, providing shelter and safety by donating bomb shelters for those in northern Israel.
Stand For Israel Blog Righteous Gentiles Harmina and Henk Post

A Christian Couple, Holocaust Heroes

Stand for Israel  |  April 10, 2023
Righteous Gentiles Pastor Hendrik "Henk" Post and his wife Harmina saved Jewish people and stopped Nazis intent on murdering God's children.
Stand For Israel Blog Dr. Shaul Ladany crosses finish line at Maccabia Games, 1973

An Israeli Survivor

Stand for Israel  |  April 10, 2023
Shaul Ladany survived the Holocaust, the 1972 Munich Massacre, and has lived a long life representing the Jewish state and Jewish people as an author, a professor, and an Olympian.
Stand For Israel Blog A lily on a kibbutz in the Jerusalem hills, Israel, 1950

Photo Friday: Blossom Like a Lily

Stand for Israel  |  April 7, 2023
As the Jewish people celebrate Passover and Christians prepare for Easter, let us wonder in God's Creation.
Fellowship Blog

The Fellowship Launches Passover Welfare Drive for Those in Need

The Fellowship  |  April 3, 2023
With Passover beginning this week, The Fellowship will be helping more than 250,000 people in Israel this holy season!

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