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A Fellowship Family Meeting with Yael

Fellowship President Yael Eckstein joined thousands of our faithful friends for a special Fellowship family meeting to discuss the rising threats against Israel, the Middle East’s changing reality, and what we are doing to help the Holy Land.

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‘Be Careful You Don’t Get Dirty’

Father Jacob Raile spent the Holocaust finding, hiding, feeding, and saving the lives of 150 Hungarian Jews.

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The Miracle of the Jewish People’s Return to Israel

Dr. David Jeremiah writes about the return of the Jewish people to Israel, a miraculous act of God that was specifically prophesied and happened exactly as it was foretold.

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Project Spotlight: Bringing Picnic Coolers to the Elderly

To celebrate summer and bring youth volunteers together with elderly in Israel, The Fellowship’s field coordinator in the Jordan Valley and Gilboa region organized a summer volunteer outing.

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Holocaust Survivor Marks 104th Birthday at Western Wall with 400 Descendants

Auschwitz survivor, Shoshanna, celebrates her 104th birthday at the Western Wall with her whole family.

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