Two Centenarian Holocaust Survivors Meet for First Time

The Fellowship  |  February 8, 2024

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(Photo: Yossi Zeliger)

It’s so important that we let Holocaust survivors tell their story and share with the world the horrors that happened so that they never happen again. We learn from The Jerusalem Post how two survivors, both 100 years old, met for the first time and shared their powerful stories thanks to a new film about the Holocaust:

While visiting from Israel to speak at the March of the Living UK film premiere of ‘MOTL – Journey of Hope: Retracing the Kindertransport After 85 Years,’ a Kindertransport survivor met an Auschwitz survivor at her home in London, last week.

The two survivors, Lily Ebert and Walter Bingham have both reached 100 years old. The film by the March of the Living depicts Bingham’s story, as well as the stories of Paul Alexander (88) and George Shefi (92). In the documentary, they retraced their journey to mark 85 years since they fled Germany – without their parents – following Kristallnacht, in October.

Scott Saunders, CEO of the International March of the Living, said: “At the essence of the March of the Living mission is the sentiment that, when you hear a witness, you become a witness. We were privileged to spend time in the company of two of our most influential survivors and witnesses – Lily Ebert MBE and Walter Bingham. Lily and Walter not only bring together two hundred years of life but decades of Holocaust education that has ensured future generations will be witnesses to the atrocities of the Holocaust too.”