Crisis Response

In times of crisis – whether in Israel, the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world – The Fellowship is there, on the ground providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable Jewish communities we serve. Learn how The Fellowship has efficiently and effectively delivered aid to people when they need it most through our extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers.

Woman holding her baby while standing next to an elderly Jewish woman.

Ukraine Crisis

When war erupted in Ukraine in 2022, The Fellowship was prepared. We continue to deliver essential aid like food and medication…

Yael Branovsky (IFCJ Staff) delivering IFCJ emergency package to elderly man.

Coronavirus Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, it raised unprecedented challenges and difficulties throughout the entire world. The Fellowship acted immediately…

Three soldiers in uniform at the Gaza outpost.

Israel Crisis

Israelis are all too familiar with the threats posed by war and terrorism. But, thankfully, they know that when terror strikes – as well as during natural disasters like forest fires – The Fellowship will be there…

music festival, Hamas attack, October 7

Wheelchair Bound Daughter and Her Father Killed by Hamas

Stand for Israel  |  October 20, 2023
After the tragic loss of a father and daughter at the music festival during the October 7 attack, loved ones speak out about their loss.
Men praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during the Israel War 2023

Jerusalem's Resiliency Through the War

Stand for Israel  |  October 19, 2023
The Algemeiner speaks with residents of Jerusalem to get their perspective of what it’s like living in the Holy City during this time of tragedy.
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Prayers Sustain in the Midst of Evil

Yael Eckstein  |  October 19, 2023
Yael discusses how The Fellowship is on the ground identifying needs in real time, all while hearing even more of the heartbreaking stories that all of Israel is experiencing.
Gaza rockets, terror

Their Mental Health Tested by Hamas, Israeli Teens Turn to Volunteering

Stand for Israel  |  October 18, 2023
As so many young Israelis are suffering from psychological harm after the Hamas attack, some are turning to service to feel more connected.
debit cards, displaced Israelis, evacuate, south, terror

Delivering Basic Needs to Those Evacuated From the South

The Fellowship  |  October 18, 2023
We are helping the many displaced people from southern Israel who lost their homes and communities.
bomb shelter, rockets, attack, crisis, war

Caring for Displaced Israelis

Yael Eckstein  |  October 18, 2023
Interviewed by the Washington Times, Yael speaks about how The Fellowship is helping provide basic needs to the survivors of the terrorist attacks in southern Israel.
soldier, IDF, Israeli flag, battle, war

The Heroes Who’ve Died Fighting for Israel

Stand for Israel  |  October 17, 2023
We mourn the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend the people of Israel and protect their homeland.
Kibbutz, terror, Hamas, war

Children Hidden in a Closet

The Fellowship  |  October 17, 2023
A medic on call the morning of the deadly attacks by Hamas terrorists explains how the bravery of one 9-year-old boy saved his life and his sister’s life.

Soldiers Save Holocaust Survivor From Near Death, for Second Time in His Life

Stand for Israel  |  October 16, 2023
In an effort to rescue trapped civilians, the IDF saved a Holocaust survivor, which was one small moment of hope amid the darkness.
food, elderly, crisis, Netivot, Gaza Strip border

You Are Keeping Her Alive

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023
You are saving Victoria by providing emergency essentials—lifesaving food deliveries—to her in Israel's time of desperate need.
Flak Jacket, emergency aid, Israel, crisis, war

The Fellowship Approves $5 Million Emergency Grant to aid war-affected families, IDF

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023
As the war with Hamas continues, The Fellowship sends 20 million shekels (more than $5 million) in aid to those in war-torn areas.
Varvara, blind Holocaust survivor, receives aid from The Fellowship in Ukraine

You Bring Her Light and Happiness

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023
For nearly 90 years, Varvara has endured so much—orphaned during the Holocaust and now blind in the middle of a war zone—but you bring her hope and help.

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