Crisis Response

In times of crisis – whether in Israel, the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world – The Fellowship is there, on the ground providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable Jewish communities we serve. Learn how The Fellowship has efficiently and effectively delivered aid to people when they need it most through our extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers.

Ukraine Crisis

When war erupted in Ukraine in 2022, The Fellowship was prepared. We continue to deliver essential aid like food and medication…

Coronavirus Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, it raised unprecedented challenges and difficulties throughout the entire world. The Fellowship acted immediately…

Israel Crisis

Israelis are all too familiar with the threats posed by war and terrorism. But, thankfully, they know that when terror strikes – as well as during natural disasters like forest fires – The Fellowship will be there…

Planting Roots in a Hostile Environment

The Fellowship  |  October 21, 2015
My husband and I are in the market to buy our first home in Israel after living here six years. It j

A Mother's Perspective on Israel's Terror Wave

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2015
Can you imagine dropping your children off at school, knowing that they will be exposed to the reali

Living with Terror

The Fellowship  |  October 14, 2015
I can't recall when it first happened, but sadly, over the years it's become normal to talk to my ki

Saving a Young Terror Victim's Life

The Fellowship  |  October 13, 2015
Yesterday (Oct 12), one of The Fellowship's coordinators in Jerusalem literally saved the life

An Update from the Israeli-Syrian Border

The Fellowship  |  June 17, 2015
In the Golan Heights with her family, Yael shares an update on the code red sirens sounding today al

IDF Field Hospital in Nepal Delivers Baby, Treats 100

The Fellowship  |  April 30, 2015
Yesterday we reported on the Fellowship-adopted IDF battalion currently serving the many injured an
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When a Soldier Falls

The Fellowship  |  January 29, 2015
In the wake of the latest terror attack in the Holy Land, Fellowship writer Yonit Rothchi

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