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Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Next time you spot that proverbial glass of water, don’t see it as half-empty or even as half-full. See it as filling up and believe that it will run over!

The Exodus from Egypt

Step into the Unknown

Passover is a time to step out into the unknown with faith, to leave behind old habits and situations behind to make way for something new.

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

This idea of not waiting to do good is expressed in the very name and meaning of the holiday. At Passover, we wake up and recognize the time is now.

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The Joy of Renewal

One of the key messages of Passover is that stress and pressure can lead to the joy of rebirth and renewal when we bring God into the process.

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Cast Your Cares on God

We don’t even have to ask God if it’s OK to burden Him. He asks us. He wants us to cast our cares on HIm. God wants our faith.

Living According to Our Days

Living According to Our Days

When we live life according to our days and our spiritual values, our hearts are full, our lives are full, and we rejoice in every day.

The Recipe for Cultivating Gratitude

The Recipe for Cultivating Gratitude

In mentioning these three types of offerings, Scripture teaches us that the recipe for cultivating gratitude involves giving thanks in all three areas.

Follow Only God

Follow Only God

This sacrifice represents our obligation follow only God, not the flock. We need to burn up natural inclination to conform and become inspired to forge our own path.

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Doing Our Part in God’s Holy Work

Moreover, in doing our part in God's holy work to help His promises come to pass, we demonstrate that we do not ever take His help for granted.

Mose views Promised Land

The Significance of the Small Aleph

What is the significance of the small aleph?  The small aleph is a reference to how God communicates with us daily in unassuming ways.

Never Give Up on God’s Salvation

Never Give Up on God’s Salvation

Never give up on God’s salvation. Even when it seems that time has run out and we are out of options, God can still save us.

Yael Eckstein spends time with faith and family on beach

Embracing the Simple Life

The one who embraces the simple life feels whole and complete. Such a person “walks securely,” without the stress of a more complicated life.

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