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Let My People Grow!

As we shed our old selves, we can become newer, improved versions of ourselves.

The Overflowing Cup

We are instructed to believe in a God who can and will help us out of our own personal bondage, our own trials and difficulties.

Choose Faith over Facts

While we must make an effort to deal with the facts, we also have to consciously choose faith over the facts.

A Story of Redemption

Christians, like Jews, affirm that darkness will be followed by light, oppression by redemption, and death by resurrection.

How Free Are We?

The best way to celebrate our freedom is by exercising it.

A Matzah by Any Name

Every wall that keeps you out can be transformed into a doorway that lets you in.

A Land of Milk and Honey?

Hope can be found in the land of milk and honey.

The Price of Freedom

We are reminded of the true nature of slavery and freedom, and of our duty to bring spiritual purpose and meaning into our lives.

The Silent Scream

So many people close to us and around the globe are screaming out in silence. May we hear their sound of suffering and help them.

Love Your Servant

How we treat others is of paramount importance to God.

Living the Golden Rule

We can use our hurt as a catalyst for becoming more empathetic, compassionate, and kind people.

Our Home Is Not Here

May we recognize that our stay here is brief and that our possessions are merely a means for doing good.

The Importance of Appreciation

We must thank, honor, and acknowledge the many people who have worked hard for us and others.

Taking Responsibility for Others

We can follow the lead of great leaders before us and speak up for the oppressed and take care of the needy.

Choose to Be Happy Over Being Right

Today, practice being kind over being right.

Speak to Your Heart

If we say things that are positive, praising God, being thankful for what have, and affirming life all that positive energy returns to our soul.

Accompanied by God’s Word

Just as a garland surrounds a head, let God's Word surround our soul. Then, we will walk protected, directed, and loved.

For Such a Time

We can make a commitment to stand against injustice, anti-Semitism, and prejudice in our own communities.

Bad Blood

We need to search our hearts for people with whom we have strained relationships.

Stamp Out Doubt

Choose faith; choose belief in an Almighty and all-loving God — and blot out doubt forever!

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