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Preserving God’s Values

The most dangerous part of being influenced by society is that it happens without notice.

The Heart of Israel

On Jerusalem Day, we celebrate the fact that we were once again joined with the heart of our nation.

Choosing to Act in Love

If we really love God, we cannot stand by while others dishonor Him or threaten the principles that He established.

Carrying Out Our Mission

Our mission is our privilege — and our responsibility. We must never give up!

Beloved Beyond Belief

It doesn’t matter if we are the only human being on Earth, or if we are one in ten billion — to God, we are like an only child.

Passing the Tests of Faith

Sometimes we are asked to demonstrate faith for a moment, but other times it is more of a marathon.

Taking Responsibility

The moment we take responsibility for our lives is when we can change almost anything.

Thanking God in the Good Times

The more we thank God and recognize Him as the only source of all blessings, the more we will receive from His unlimited storehouse of great blessings.

The Miracle of God’s Promises

While the nation of Israel would be punished and exiled, God would not let us be destroyed.

We Are God’s Handiwork

No matter how things may appear, we are all equal and worthy before God.

Time to Let Go

The message of the sabbatical year is that there are times in life when we need to let go instead of working ourselves beyond our capacity.

Our Spiritual Journey

Sometimes these are difficult times, but they also represent regular life. The day-in and day-out routines that occupy most of our days.

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