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“The Selfie Generation”

“The Selfie Generation”

Focusing on ourselves does not make us happier; rather it robs us of our joy.

woman and family at Christian center displaying true repentance

Open Your Heart

Being stiff-necked is the kind of stubbornness that causes a person to focus in only one direction and shuts out God along with other possibilities.

Snow-capped mountains

For Your Own Good

No matter how big [our challenges] are, we can grow stronger and overcome them.

Braided challah bread

The Source of It All

It is God who gave man the ability to take wheat from the ground and turn it into bread.

Yael Eckstein delivering a box of food & goods to elderly Holocaust survivor in need named Edna

The Small Things

When it comes to loving relationships, it’s the small things that matter most.

David anointed King at Hebron

Finding Our Strength in God

It is only because of God and through God that we are able to accomplish anything.

No Room for Despair

No Room for Despair

No matter how terrible or impossible a situation may seem, there is always room for hope.

‘All Your Work’

‘All Your Work’

The Sabbath is a metaphor for all of our work in life. We put in our best efforts and do our part. But at some point, we must stop and let God take over.

Free to Relax

Free to Relax

Today, we need to take to heart, in the deepest way possible, that there is nothing but God in heaven and on earth.

Miracles Before Our Eyes

Miracles Before Our Eyes

The Jewish people and the Jewish state are living testimony to God’s existence.

Yael Eckstein praying at Western Wall

The Power of One More Prayer

It’s not that we get God to change his mind by our repetitive prayers. It’s that we change ourselves through our many prayers.

The 100 Blessings Challenge

The 100 Blessings Challenge

David understood that all his gifts and strength were from the Lord, and he was so very grateful.

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