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Yael prepares for Sukkot

Live by the Grace of God

On Sukkot, we move outside into rickety huts; we choose vulnerability and we relish the opportunity to live by the grace of God.

Tower of Babel

Building Towers to ‘Hold Up the Sky’

Too often, we try to “hold up the sky,” spending our time and effort to control things not in our control rather than trusting God.

the four seasons

The Blessing of the Seasons

God gave us the blessings of seasons because He wants people to experience longing and lacking so that they will pray to Him.

Noah's ark

Our Tendency to Resist Change

Our natural tendency is to resist change. No matter our present condition, it is always more comfortable simply because it is familiar.

group of people standing in unity

United Against a Common Enemy

The reason why not one animal turned on the other on Noah's ark was because they were united against a common enemy — the raging storm.

waves of life

Ride the Waves of Life

When we trust in God through difficulties, even tragedies, we will ride the wave that could have otherwise knocked us down.

Rejoice that God Is in Control!

Rejoice that God Is in Control!

God is in control of our present reality. In this setting, we can let go of our worries and rejoice in knowing God will take care of us.

Yael Eckstein delivering a box of food & goods to elderly Holocaust survivor in need named Edna

Helping Our Brothers and Sisters in Need

We can insist that the poor are not our responsibility. Or, we can affirm we can affirm our commitment to helping our brothers and sisters in need.

Grave stone of Oskar Schindler, famed ally of the Jews during the Holocaust

The Power of One Person

God wants us to know that every one of us is an entire world and has unimaginable potential. That's the power of one person.

Michelangelo-Creating Adam in God's Image

Becoming a New Version in God’s Image

A more accurate term for us might be “human becomings” because we are constantly becoming a newer version of ourselves in God's image.

In the Very Beginning

In the Very Beginning

Right from the very beginning, God offered people of faith a message for the critical moments at the end of time -- to be strong and unwavering in our support of Israel.

Yael Eckstein praying at Western Wall

What Should We Pray For?

The most important prayer of the faithful is for everything — all the results that we want to see in our lives — even a bathroom when we need one!

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