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Faith and Redemption

All it takes for our own redemption is trust and faith.

Two Become One

God promises that He will bring His people back to Israel, and there, they will be one nation, with one king and one God.

Bringing God’s People Home

God gives us the opportunity to play a role in fulfilling His purposes, and today we are able to help bring His people home.

God’s Promises

Let us be strengthened and inspired as we watch the fulfillment of God's promises before our very eyes.

The Lost Tribes

As we witness biblical prophecy being fulfilled and see firsthand God’s mighty work in and through His people, we can be encouraged that the Holy One we worship is faithful to all His promises.

As Miracles Take Flight

It doesn’t matter what the world might say about babies born in Jerusalem. God has a register of His own.

Jerusalem, Our Eternal Home

Jerusalem is the only capital the Jews have ever had, and Israel is the only Jewish homeland that will ever be!

No Matter What

Even when it is hard to see, God finds a way into our lives and serves as a sanctuary for us even until the ends of the earth.

God’s Purpose Will Prevail

No other country in history has been exiled from its land and returned to it. The Jews did it twice!

Welcome Home

Each time a Jew steps foot onto Israeli soil and calls it his or her home, it is a celebration of God’s great provision for His people.

Living Prophecies

We are living in these miraculous times and watching biblical prophecies unfold before our very eyes.

The Secret of Immortality

The source of Jewish immortality is no secret to believers. It is God Almighty.

Receiving God’s Word

A person has to be unattached, empty of ego, and free of bias, if he or she is to truly receive the Word of God.

Living in God’s Embrace

[God] is always with us, but it's up to us to be aware of His presence and make it felt.

The Greatest Thing in the World

When we give to others, we get more out of life, not less.

Finding Real Joy

Real abundance and joy are not about having more; they are found in enjoying what we have more.

Trusting God in Difficult Times

What looks solid might be a house of cards if it is not based on the will of God, and what seems flimsy can be the most solid structure if God Himself is holding it up.

Above the Sun

Our good deeds and service to God ... only these things have meaning.

Shelter in the Storm

There is no need to worry, for we are sheltered by God.

My Heart Is His

God gives us the tools to make something of our lives, but we are the ones who determine what form our lives will take.

The Gift of Time

Spend some meaningful time with God, with family, with old friends, and maybe with some new ones. There is no greater joy!

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