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First to Forgive

Be divine and forgive.

All Is Forgiven

God is waiting for us, loving us, and anticipating our return so that He can forgive us. We just need to return to Him.

From Curses to Blessings

The challenges in our lives are intended to lead us toward a path of repentance, which is also the path toward blessings.

Let God See that We Are Good

Life is a chance to do good and be good – an opportunity not afforded to those who have not been born or who have already passed.

The Gift of a Broken Heart

When we are down we can approach God in true humility, and there is no more powerful way to approach God.

The Greatest Distance

When we know God deeply and love Him, we will naturally do with our hands what we know to be right in our heads and feel is right in our hearts.

Meeting Halfway

We need to take the first steps and head in the right direction, but God will come out to greet us and meet us halfway.

The First Step to Change

The first step in repentance is taking responsibility for our actions.

The Gift of Repentance

God’s door is always open to those who wish to return to Him.

Never Give Up on Anyone

There is no such thing as a person for whom there is no hope!

Dealing with Discouragement

We can reinforce our faith through daily prayer and study.

Finish with Faith

Even when our faith falters, let us return to this prayer and finish with faith.

Hope for the Future

God teaches us that there is always a brighter tomorrow.

Neither Forsaken nor Forgotten

No matter how low a person has sunk, he or she is never forsaken.

There Is Hope

No matter how bad things have gotten, the possibility for complete healing and reconciliation still exists.

“In the Blink of an Eye”

Never give in to despair. Salvation can be just around the corner. Everything can change for the better “in the blink of an eye.”

Enveloped in Hope

We can believe in God all we want, but it’s not until we have nothing else to lean on that we truly experience what it is like to put our hope solely in God.

Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Have faith that a better day is dawning, and, with the help of God, we shall see it.

Hope for the Hopeless

God never forgets His promises, and He will always be our hope. That continues to be good news for us.

Things Can Be Different

Whatever battles face you today, keep fighting. Everlasting victory is on its way.

God Will Make a Way

Whatever difficulty you might be facing today – be it financial, a difficult relationship, a bad medical report, or anything else – know in your heart that God can turn it all around in one instant. God will make a way!

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