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‘Life Is Not About Being Busy’

As a mother, I feel the need for a Sabbath day more than I ever did before. It is the one day a week that we “unplug,” so that we can connect with each other.

For the Sake of One

The sins of one person affect us all. But, equally true, the good deeds of one person can impact the world.

The Most Important Role

We have to know that our God-given role is so important that we couldn’t possibly be jealous of someone else’s job in the world.

Behind the Scenes

The world is often moved by those working behind the scenes.

Real Wealth That Lasts

In Judaism, we are taught that a person takes nothing with them when they leave this world except for their good deeds.

What Is Your Crown?

Our hats, both physical and symbolic, define our roles. But there is one hat that defines our deepest beliefs — the crown of God.

‘An Island in Time’

In this day and age, with the constant barrage of information and motion, the Shabbat experience is more important than ever.

The Power of One Word

This is the power of the word “but.” It turns everything positive into nothing at all.

What Is Your Potential?

How we see ourselves will ultimately determine what we are capable of accomplishing.

Moving Up

Life is like walking up a down escalator. If you aren't moving upward, you are automatically falling backward.

Anything Is Possible with God

When God has laid something on our heart that we know we must do, don’t be afraid of any walls that stand in the way.

The Price of Integrity

Small acts of integrity are hugely significant in our lives.

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