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Whatever the Weather

People of unshakable faith have deep roots that penetrate beyond the surface, firmly planted in their trust of God.

On Your Feet

If suffering is part of life, then it’s certainly important for us to think about how to deal with it.

God Will Purify Our Hearts

God wants to give us a cup that overflows, and He will do so when we pass through the process of purification and emerge cleansed, righteous, and pure.

We Need Your Cries

When we cry for one another, we have a greater effect and can evoke miraculous salvation.

Many Voices, One Sound

When a group of people all pray for the same thing, our prayers are stronger and more powerful than if we were each praying on our own.

The Iron Crucible

Just as a crucible purifies silver, the suffering in Egypt served to purify the children of Israel.

The Silent Scream

We can cry to God with our hearts and awaken His great power in our lives.

Serve Him on Every Road

On every path and on every road that you find yourself on in life, serve God.

Feeling the Pain of Others

Empathy is born out of experience.

Paid in Full

May we always be motivated to give generously and live compassionately.

Be a Source of Comfort

When we see someone in pain, God directs us to provide them with comfort.

The Lord Is Your Shadow

The greatest kindness that we can do for ourselves is to be profusely kind to everyone else!

Pay Attention and Listen

God sends us messages all day long; we only need to pay attention and listen.

Simply Put

It's nothing elaborate that God wants from us; He simply wants us our soul and our heart.

The Gift of Empathy

We can always choose to use our own struggles to help others get through the same thing. We can bless others with the gift of empathy and sensitivity.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

We are all part of one whole. Whatever one person does shapes and influences the rest of us.

The Brick of Suffering

Sympathy is acknowledging someone’s pain. Empathy is feeling someone’s pain.

Step Out of the Darkness

The worst kind of darkness in the world is the kind where "No one could see anyone else." It's the kind of darkness that blinds us to the people around us.

True Freedom

Despite what we read in the headlines every morning or watch on the evening news, God is in control.

Freedom Fighters

Israel is at the forefront of fighting for freedom, not only for her own people, but also for the world.

Sowing Seeds

Though we may weep as we plant, there will be joy in the future.

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