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Rosh Hashanah: Blessings for a Good Year

Rosh Hashanah: Blessings for a Good Year

In our New Year blessing during Rosh Hashanah, we recognize that the most important thing is that our lives our good...that we are healthy.

Yael visiting recipient girl. Download our complimentary study on David and the Psalms for how Israel's greatest king expressed his deepest emotions to God through his words of thanksgiving, confession, petition, and praise.

Learn to Live with Joy

Once we express our worries and give them to God, we, too, can learn to live with joy throughout our day.

The Ability to Ask for Forgiveness

The Ability to Ask for Forgiveness

I learned that the sign of a truly strong and mature adult is the ability to ask forgiveness from anyone, even a small child.

Man sits on park bench praying for Israel

God Will Never Leave Us

We all have people or things that we have come to rely upon. We need to know that even if we lost what helps us feel secure, God will never leave us.

Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee

Choose to Be Positive

When we choose to embrace life, have faith, be positive, and see the good in everyone and everything, we actually help shape our own destiny.

Have Faith in God’s Perfect Plan

Have Faith in God’s Perfect Plan

When we follow God with faith, He will lead us to His perfect plan for us and the great treasures stored away for us all along.

woman and family at Christian center displaying true repentance

To Stand Firm and Be Flexible

There are times in our lives that we are called to stand firm in our beliefs — unmovable and unshakable. However, there are other times that we need to be flexible, yielding, humble, and willing to step aside.

Challenged to Hope Again and Again

Challenged to Hope Again and Again

There’s another level of hope when things haven’t turned out the way we had hoped they would, and we are challenged to be bold enough to hope again.


A Time to Seek and Grant Forgiveness

The High Holy Days are a time to seek forgiveness from God and others. It is also a time to grant forgiveness to those who have wronged us.

Choose to Be Blessed

Choose to Be Blessed

I decided long ago that I want to lead a happy life, and to do that, I need to focus on the positive. So, I choose to be blessed in all areas of my life.

Look at Things from a Distance

Look at Things from a Distance

Wen we look at others, we should look at things from a distance and not look too closely at their flaws, but focus on their good points.

Eckstein family model Passover seder

Enter Fully into Everything We Do

We need to “enter” fully and wholeheartedly into everything that we do in order to do it right and enjoy our best possible lives.

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