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Esau meet Jacob

Offering Kindness to Difficult People

I offered kindness to what appeared to be a difficult person and our entire interaction changed. Quite possibly, it changed her entire day.

Let Go of Your Fears

Let Go of Your Fears

I need to remember that while I need to do my best at parenting and working, I also need to let go of my fears and trust God will help me.

gift of time

The Number of Our Days

Clarity comes from knowing that our time on earth is fleeting and the number of our days is finite. But from that also comes strength. Clarity comes from knowing that our time on earth is fleeting and the number of our days is finite. But from that also comes strength.

Elderly woman in Israel receiving assistance from a medical professional thanks to donations to IFCJ

Write Kindness on Your Heart

By telling us to bind it to our necks and write kindness on our hearts, he was teaching us that kindness must be a major part of who we are.

birth of a baby

The Everyday Miracles of God

Leah was the first to praise God for the everyday miracles. She had given birth to a healthy baby and recognized that, yes, it was a miracle!

Jewish woman crying tears of relief after being rescued from anti-Semitism

The Power of Our Tears

The ability to shed tears is a sign of strength. When we cry before God over things that truly matter, the power of our tears can change anything.

Jacob dreaming of angles

‘This, Too, Is Holy Work’

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or overtired, I say to myself, “This, too, is holy work.” By reminding myself of this truth, I feel inspired to carry on.

Jacob dreaming of angles

Secret to Greatness Is Humility

The Bible teaches us that the real secret to greatness is humility. The Jewish sages put it this way: “He who is small is actually great.”

Sad Woman reflecting. From Curses to Blessings - Deuteronomy 28:15

When Someone Insults You

How did David handle when his enemies insulted him? He didn't listen. He made no response, no matter how untrue or hurtful the insults.

Monday Devotional: Our Children, Our Future

Escorted by the Words of God

When a person has no choice but to travel alone, the words of God are our escort. God’s Word accompanies us, protects us, and guides us wherever we go.

mother daughter hugging. The LORD said to Moses, “Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites. After that, you will be gathered to your people.” — Numbers 31:1-2

True Peace Allows Us to Flourish

Isaac didn't thank God for peace; rather, he thanked God for the ability to thrive in the land because true peace leads to prosperity and allows everyone to flourish.

Woman sitting on the ground holding her knees and crying.

How to Prosper in Difficult Times

During this critical time, with God’s help and good people, we learned how to prosper in even the most difficult times.

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