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Father Abraham

Abraham's bedrock of faith in the one true God is the very foundation upon which Jews and Christians alike have built our faith traditions.

Renewing Our Vows

Affirm and renew your commitment to the God of Israel.

Torah in the Desert

There is no time or place or situation where God’s Word is too hard to keep or does not apply.

The Message of the Firstfruits

It's not enough to study God’s Word; rather, we must live His Word by bringing God into every aspect of our lives.

Journey to Sinai

Consider where you are right now and what steps you may need to take next on your faith journey.

Desiring God

Shavuot is a time to seriously consider what we need and don’t need, and to focus on what we truly lack.

The Responsibility of Freedom

Freedom is the right and privilege of every human being on earth, but we must also understand that it comes with responsibility.

City of the Great King

God is able to protect and defend us and will be our guide to the end of our lives.

Jerusalem, Our Eternal Home

Jerusalem is the only capital the Jews have ever had, and Israel is the only Jewish homeland that will ever be!

Jerusalem of Light

Every time we seek out the Word of God, we will be a part of the change that will one day change the world.

No Signs to Jerusalem

Every individual needs to seek God if he or she wishes to find Him.

The Prosperity of Jerusalem

As we pray for the peace and prosperity of Jerusalem, and therefore the world, only then will our blessings be complete.

Celebrating Jerusalem

On Jerusalem Day, we celebrate the fact that we were once again joined with the heart of our nation.

Surrounded by Grace

There are always two ways that we can see our reality. We can see the challenges that surround us, or the grace that envelopes us.

An Army of Compassion

The Fellowship strives to help meet the needs and provide social support for these young men and women serving in the IDF.

Everything As It Should Be

Having complete awareness throughout our lives, God is the cause behind every occurrence in our lives.

A New Era Begins

We sit at the precipice of a new era, a time when we can see the prophecies in the Bible coming to complete fruition.

Our Refuge

For the Jewish people, the only place of refuge, of safety, is Israel.

We Come in the Name of God

Let God fight your battles today – and every day – and you will be victorious.

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