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We Will Prevail

As individuals, we all have had times where we have shone brightly and times where we have felt lost in darkness. However, like King David, we will prevail.

Leader for the Good

If we find ourselves in the company of those behaving poorly, or if we feel that another person could benefit from changing his or her ways, let’s not act as judge.

Unleashing Our Potential

God doesn’t expect us to become someone that we weren’t created to be, but He does expect us to become all that we can.

Lead Where You Have Been

You don’t have to be the CEO of a corporation, a leader of your church, or the head of an organization in order to powerfully lead others.

A Lesson in Consistency

When we learn to be consistent – to continuously and reliably act in accordance with our values - then we increase the power of everything that we believe in.

Don’t Give Your Power Away

It’s not the leader who determines our destiny; it’s the people and our relationship with God that secure our future.

Liked by Most

A leader who no one likes won’t have much of a following, but a leader who everyone likes probably isn’t really leading at all, either.

King David’s Humble Origins

When faced with a daunting challenge, we can remember the humble origins of King David and that each one of us has great potential to be used for God’s great purposes and plans.

Let Others Shine

A great leader can empower others so that they can forge a path of their own.

Motivating Others

The softer touch is often a more powerful force for change.

First Things First

Power is never meant for the sake of our own personal gain, but rather the means by which a just society can operate.

Your Name Will Be Israel

When we hold on to faith in spite of our difficulties, when we hold fast to prayer, when all hope seems lost, we earn that title of honor.

A Young Girl’s Legacy

God has gifted each one of us with unique abilities and opportunities to accomplish His purposes.


Life is about being good, not looking good.

Children of the Most High

It is so important for people to know who they are so that they can fulfill their life's mission.

Remember Where You’ve Come From

Whether we have come through difficulties in life or have lived in relative comfort and ease, we can't forget about those less fortunate than us.

Passing the Torch

Sharing God's light and passing it on to the next generation is the kind of contribution that lasts forever.

Our Home Is Not Here

May we recognize that our stay here is brief and that our possessions are merely a means for doing good.

Heirlooms of Faith

Our lives are a living textbook for our children of what we value most.

The Righteous Never Die

When a person wastes away his or her days doing nothing with meaning or content, that person is merely existing.

Beyond the Sun

The goal of life has nothing to do with what we have, and everything to do with who we are.

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