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Our Suffering Is Not in Vain

Our trials in life – be they large or small, through fire or water –have a purpose. God does see our pain, and our suffering is not in vain.

dinner table with Shabbat dinner including challah and candles

Limitless Time to Focus on God

Around the Shabbat table, we were unbound by the constraints of weekdays and had limitless time to focus on God and each other.

The True Value of Good Deeds

The True Value of Good Deeds

In Judaism, we are taught that a person takes nothing with them when they leave this world except for their good deeds.

Yad B'Yad Passover Food Distribution

The Power to Impact Others

The actions of one has the power to impact others, and therefore, the world. Judaism says that spiritually speaking, this principle holds true as well.

Yael at Rosh Hashanah food distribution celebrating three virtues

Treasure Our God-given Role

We have to treasure our God-given role and know it is so important to Him; therefore, we shouldn’t be jealous of someone else’s job in the world.

Yael with son Liam

The Most Important Jobs

We can quietly and humbly support our loved ones and help them to become all that they can. Those are the most important jobs!

Judean desert

The Blessing of a Drought

Israel’s rain is dependent upon the people’s actions and prayers. And that’s the blessing of a drought. When there is no rain and drought sets in, everyone looks up to heaven.

Yael and daughters usher in Shabbat

Shabbat Beckons Us to Pause

Shabbat beckons us to pause, reflect, refresh, and redirect our lives in a way that is congruent with our values. The Sabbath is a day to return to our priorities.

twelve spies carrying back fruit from Canaan

‘There Is Nothing But God’

His prayer teaches us that there is one time when we should use the word “but” — when we say, “There is nothing but God.

Yael with son Liam

Believe in Ourselves

How we see ourselves and whether we believe in ourselves will ultimately determine what we are capable of accomplishing.

Commit to Growing Daily

Commit to Growing Daily

When we commit to growing daily in our faith, we can rise above our physical existence and ascend ever closer to God.

Nothing Is Impossible with God

Nothing Is Impossible with God

When God has laid something on our heart that we know we must do, don’t be afraid of any walls that stand in the way. Nothing is impossible with God.

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