Poverty Press Kit

Alleviating poverty is a key pillar of The Fellowship’s work. Explore these resources that show how we’re making a difference.

Press Releases

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews distributes $10 million in aid to more than 250,000 people globally ahead of High Holy Days

September 14, 2023
Survey reveals Israelis Grappling with Growing Financial Struggles Heading into Holiday Season

Survey: Nearly half of Israeli parents need financial help for their families during the summer

July 19, 2022
A recent survey finds that 43% of Israeli parents need economic assistance this summer, and will be helped by The Fellowship.

Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, in cooperation with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, transfers over $3 million for the benefit of tens of thousands of impoverished Israeli families

October 28, 2021
This critical initiative will grant additional assistance of up to approximately $1,500 to individuals and families in need.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews launches operation with Amidar to distribute grants and winter kits to 10,000 elderly in public housing across Israel

January 26, 2021
The Fellowship is distributing aid and winter help to 10,000 elderly living in public housing in Israel.

Fact Sheet

Yael walking through a home with an IFCJ food box.
Poverty is a serious problem in Israel. A study found that about 2 million people in Israel, including more than a million children, live in poverty. Another showed that Israel has the highest rate of poverty among developed nations. And in the countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU), many people live in a level of poverty that it is difficult for us to imagine.


Yael smiling at an elderly woman while handing her a hot meal.
Yael Eckstein and a doctor sitting next to an elderly Jewish woman lying in bed.
Yael walking through a home with an IFCJ food box.
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