Faces of Iron: Galina 

Stand for Israel  |  June 4, 2024

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(Photo: IFCJ)

“Mommy, I’m on the bus. Everything is OK.”

That’s what elderly Galina heard over the phone in the early morning hours of October 7th. Her daughter, Zina—not just her daughter, but her caregiver and her best friend—boarded a bus at 6:20am, as word of the Hamas attacks in southern Israel began to spread… as the wave of terrorist infiltrators began to spread, across farming communities, across towns, across city streets.

Zina hoped to reach her mother. Zina hoped to reach safety. Zina hoped that everything, in fact, was OK.

But it was not.

Just two minutes after calling Galina, Zina was shot dead by Hamas terrorists.

Galina survived that day, but she lost everything dear to her. When terrorists murdered Zina, they took all that this elderly Jewish woman had in the world.

In the days and months since, Galina has found hope and help from The Fellowship. Help with care. Help with food. Help with the basic things she’d come to depend on her daughter for.

“I can feel the love,” Galina says when a Fellowship volunteer arrives at her humble home. “May the God of Israel always bless you.” Yes, you have been a blessing, strengthening Galina and so many others like her in their time of need—and may you be blessed by our loving God, in return.

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