Crisis Response

In times of crisis – whether in Israel, the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world – The Fellowship is there, on the ground providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable Jewish communities we serve. Learn how The Fellowship has efficiently and effectively delivered aid to people when they need it most through our extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers.

Woman holding her baby while standing next to an elderly Jewish woman.

Ukraine Crisis

When war erupted in Ukraine in 2022, The Fellowship was prepared. We continue to deliver essential aid like food and medication…

Yael Branovsky (IFCJ Staff) delivering IFCJ emergency package to elderly man.

Coronavirus Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, it raised unprecedented challenges and difficulties throughout the entire world. The Fellowship acted immediately…

Three soldiers in uniform at the Gaza outpost.

Israel Crisis

Israelis are all too familiar with the threats posed by war and terrorism. But, thankfully, they know that when terror strikes – as well as during natural disasters like forest fires – The Fellowship will be there…

Family and friends of Israeli soldier Sgt Elyahu Moshe Zimbalist attend his funeral at the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem on June 16, 2024.

Two IDF Reservists Killed, 3 Seriously Hurt in Gaza

Stand for Israel  |  June 21, 2024
Two reservists were killed in battle on Thursday after a Hamas mortar attack in central Gaza.
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Hezbollah's Plan of Attack if War Erupts With Israel

Stand for Israel  |  June 20, 2024
It's possible Hezbollah will attack Haifa or even Tel Aviv if the IDF intensifies and expands fighting in the north.
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Hope in a Public Bomb Shelter

The Fellowship  |  June 20, 2024
The Fellowship helps families forced to hide in public bomb shelters by providing Emergency Shelter Kits.
Bomb shelters placed in northern Israel during Hamas-Israel war.

50 Mobile Bomb Shelters to Be Installed in North

Stand for Israel  |  June 20, 2024
The Fellowship is helping protect the 60,000 evacuated and displaced Israelis in the north from tensions with Hezbollah.
The site of the Re'im music festival massacre, in southern Israel, June 9, 2024.

The Untold Captivity Story of Noa Argamani

Stand for Israel  |  June 18, 2024
We’re learning more about the details of Noa's captivity now that she’s free, including escaping death four times.
Israeli soldier captain Wassem Mahmoud’s funeral service on June 16, 2024, after losing his life in the ground operation in Gaza. (Photo: David Cohen/Flash90)

11 Funerals for IDF Commanders, Soldiers Held as Israel Mourns

Stand for Israel  |  June 17, 2024
We are heartbroken over the loss of IDF troops fighting in Gaza to protect the values of life and freedom.
Hezbollah, crossfire, IDF, Lebanon, northern border, war

Two Hurt, Fires Rage After Rocket Barrage From Hezbollah

Stand for Israel  |  June 13, 2024
As tensions rise in Israel's north, many fear a major escalation on the Israel-Lebanon border.
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Shavuot: ‘I’ll Have to Give You a Rain Check’

Stand for Israel  |  June 13, 2024
Adele Raemer shares why this year she’s asking for a rain check on Shavuot, the Jewish Pentecost.
Fellowship volunteer handing an elderly woman a blue bag.

Project Spotlight: Shavuot Distribution

The Fellowship  |  June 13, 2024
One of the ways we help elderly and Holocaust survivors in Israel is through our With Dignity and Fellowship program.
Family and friends of Israeli soldier Sergeant Almog Shalom attend his funeral.

Four Troops Killed in Booby-Trapped Building

Stand for Israel  |  June 11, 2024
As fighting rages in Rafah and central Gaza, four soldiers were killed and others wounded in a building collapse.
Mother of rescued Israeli hostage Almog Meir speaks to press at the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, June 10, 2024.

Father of Hostage Died Hours Before Son’s Rescue: ‘He Died of Grief’

Stand for Israel  |  June 10, 2024
Just as former hostage Almog Meir Jan finally returned home, his father died of grief before he could receive the good news.
Israelis wave the Israeli flag as they pay their respect for IDF Special Forces officer Arnon Zamora.

Thousands Pay Last Respects to Officer Killed in Hostage Rescue Op

Stand for Israel  |  June 10, 2024
A hero, husband, and father, loses his life to Hamas terrorists in the recent hostage rescue operation in Gaza.